An Evening Picnic

IMG 8646IMG 8644IMG 8650IMG 8658With Brad working on the school’s yearend production until 9 or 10 p.m. most nights this week and me preparing for an upcoming craft market each night into the wee hours, it’s bound to be one heck of a week. Unfortunately, Miss G didn’t help me out any today when she decided to not nap either. (Yesterday we got stuck in a huge traffic mess on the way home from a play date out in the burbs and by the time we arrived home, we’d already missed the nap window by quite a lot.  Sadly, one missed nap throws our very routine little lady way off sometimes.)  My solution to a potentially chaotic and grumpy afternoon?  Stealing Papa away from work for an hour and a half, picking up dinner at a local deli, and pairing an evening picnic with loads of fresh air and playground time.  And I’m happy to report that it worked like a gem.  Brad was back at school in plenty of time, the outdoors prevented our little lady from slipping into a case of the overtired crazies, and this mama got a teeny bit of afternoon downtime, something I desperately need.


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One thought on “An Evening Picnic

  1. Juliane Hirt says:

    Thanks for your inspiring ideas and for sharing these crazy missed nap situations (I myself deal with it everyday with my 4 year-old lady, while my 2 year-old boy sleeps the whole afternoon) …it´s so comforting to know someone else goes through this and to some ideas…thanks!
    Juliane (Brazil)

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