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The Alphabet Song, by Grae

I know that this doesn’t mean that she can recognize all of her letters, or that she knows what they mean, but I just can’t help myself… I’m having a proud mama moment over here.  My baby girl can sing the entire alphabet song (save a little ‘R’ / ‘S’ confusion) all by herself now.  Here’s what I got to listen to all day long today…

Lucky me!

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The Alphabet Song

Brad and I are constantly blown away by how quickly Grae learns things. She just soaks up information and makes connections like crazy.  Just a couple of days ago, she started showing interest in singing the alphabet song. At first she’d sing random strings of letters – “A B P C B D X” to the tune of the song, and now, depending on the time, she can pretty much sing it in its entirety.  

Today, while at Grey’s Park surrounded by swings, climbing apparatuses, kids, and a wading pool, she wanted nothing more than to lay on our blanket and sing her ABCs again and again. Here’s a little video I managed to catch…

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