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A Local Favourite: Urban Source

One thing I adore about the city of Vancouver is the endless locally-owned specialty shops that line the streets of many neighbourhoods.  One of our favourites, located just down Main Street near Heritage Hall, is Urban Source.  


Urban Source specializes in alternative art materials and sells all kinds of leftovers, misprints, over stock, cut offs, and discards from local industries as unique art supplies.  So whether you’re in the market for wooden doweling, ceramic tiles, cardboard cutouts, old-school slides, or leather scraps, Urban Source has probably got you covered.  Besides the always changing stock, I love the giant selection and knowing that by purchasing ‘alternative’ craft materials we’re saving them from heading straight to the landfill.  My little miss, on the other hand, loves the fact that she gets a {flat rate} brown paper bag that can be filled to the brim with materials of her choosing.

IMG 2610Today we popped in and after very patiently waiting for me to browse the selection of new items, Gracen retrieved a brown paper bag and began filling it with treasures of all sorts.  With a tiny bit of help from Mama {who had specific projects in mind}, the bag was brimming with crafting goodies in no time.

IMG 2613In the end, this is what we came home with in Gracen’s $6 bag…  Everything from gift wrap to acetate sheets to brown boxes to medicine bottles and puzzle pieces…

I see a whole lot of craftiness in our future.

Urban Source is located at 3126 Main Street {Vancouver, BC} and is open daily from 10:30 to 5:30, with the exception of Sundays when they open at 11:00.

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