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Last Day of Ballet

Today was our last parent and tot ballet class. Grae was so excited about it (and so thrilled to hand out her ribbon wands), that she didn’t have a nap beforehand.  She just couldn’t fall asleep. Of course, we all know how that turns out… 

IMG 2996IMG 3000IMG 3001Needless to say, come time for class, she had some of her classic overtired crazy energy going on.  

IMG 3005Of course it all turned out alright.  She proudly handed out her gifts, danced her little heart out, and said goodbye to her dance buddies. 

IMG 3006Miss G loved this class so much that we will definitely be signing up for the next session starting in January.  Billie is amazing with the kids and the class was the perfect blend of ballet moves, good old fashioned dancing, singing, and ‘acting’.  

For more info on the classes Billie teaches around Vancouver, visit her Facebook page here.  I promise you’re going to LOVE her!

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iPhoneography // Ballet Practice

IMG 7200One of my favourite parts of Tuesday afternoons… Coming home after our parent and tot ballet class and watching my mini ballerina practice her moves as I make dinner.

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Ballet Tuesdays

IMG 0180IMG 0184IMG 0185IMG 0186IMG 0191Will I ever get used to the cuteness that is Tuesday ballet afternoons?  Ummmm…probably not.  Especially when the cute is 12 tutu-clad little ladies dancing around a studio with long ribbons in hand.  Because our class is a parent participation class, us mamas gallop, stretch, plié, and sing alongside our little ones, making it very tricky to take photos of the class itself, but I always make sure to take a couple before and after.  Grae’s so used to it now that she actually stops before going into the community centre, positions herself against the wall, and says, “Picture time, Mama!”


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iPhoneography // Mini Ballerina

Today it was back to ballet class for Miss G and I.  And though Grae was a little bit sensitive when it came to loud stomping and ‘angry feet’ last week, this week she participated in everything quite happily.  We’d talked about how funny it is to stomp around loudly and make your feet look angry for the last few days, and with a couple of tiny reminders at the beginning of the class, she was just fine this time around.  In fact, she was having so much fun that she spent most of the class on the other side of the room, dancing and participating without any help or reassurance from Mama.  

Balletpre-class warm-up // ribbon dancing

mini ballerina // post – class beach ball hands

Have I mentioned how cute a studio filled with giggling tutu-clad toddlers is?  Trust me, it’s ridiculous.

Photos edited with Instagram. Find me under jkossowan.

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First Day of Ballet

With fall soon approaching, I knew that I wanted to get Gracen in a couple of organized activities.  Though our days visiting parks and beaches and playgrounds will continue through the winter months, it’s nice to have more than just our usual play gyms, pools, and libraries to sneak away to when we want to escape the cold. When I came across Ballet with Billie, a parent and tot class held at our local community centre, I knew Gracen would love it.   Music, dancing, singing, and little friends…  It sounded perfect for our little lady.

IMG 9560So today, the first day of classes, we got her dressed in her little leggings, her brand new leotard, and the tutu she’d specially selected for the occasion. As I packed up our bag, she came to me with the handmade scarf she received for her birthday and said, “Mama, Grae Grae wear scarf. Windy day. Sooooo windy, Mama.”  I explained that it wasn’t really all that windy, but she desperately wanted to wear it, so out the door we went.

IMG 9562We arrived to the class and met several lovely mamas and babes right off the bat, the teacher was beyond fantastic with the little girls, and Grae really enjoyed herself {once we got passed the loud stomping part that left her feeling a little frightened and clingy}.  The best part? She left the class, star sticker on hand and first ever goldfish cracker in belly, asking when we’d be going back.

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