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Canada Day {2013}

While we spent Gracen’s first two Canada Days in the Okanagan at the lovely Davison Orchards, today was our first Canada Day in Vancouver as a family of 3.  As usual, there is tons of fun, family-friendly stuff happening around our vibrant city, but we decided to spend the day at one of our favourites – Granville Island.  We arrived early, while parking still wasn’t an issue, picked up a couple of little treats from the public market, and walked along the boardwalk to the water park and playground.  Brad and Grae zoomed down the water slide a few times, Grae got a tattoo and her face painted, and we enjoyed some lunch in the park while taking in some jazz.  To say that it was lovely would be an understatement.  Here are some photos of our day…

IMG 9619IMG 9632IMG 9623IMG 9641IMG 9649Minus RandosIMG 9659


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iPhoneography // A Little Girl in a Field of Flowers

Photo 3Photo 4
Photo 1Sometimes I miss Kuwait. 

Like, really miss Kuwait.

I knew I would (I may have sat in the back of the taxi with silent tears streaming down my face as we drove away from our baby girl’s first ever home and made our way to the smoke-filled airport for the very last time), but I miss it more than I expected to. No, I don’t miss the insanity of the highways, the snail’s pace at which government processes happen there, the nearly impossible task of finding black beans on grocery shelves, or the dust storms that turn the sky orange and coat your apartment in a thick layer of sand.

What I do miss though, is the community we had there. I miss being constantly being surrounded by friends and fellow stay-at-home-mamas. I miss impromptu baby play dates that were as easy as taking an elevator a few floors up or down. I miss walking over to the building next door for take out and homemade wine with friends. I miss our door being knocked on by people just stopping by to say hello.

But then I see photos like these {taken by Bradley while out for a walk with Miss G this morning}… And they remind me of why we’re at home in Canada right now. Because a little girl meandering through a field of flowers surrounded by fresh air and tree-covered mountains just doesn’t happen in Kuwait…

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