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The First Puppy

IMG 9743Recently Grae’s interest in drawing and colouring (especially colouring) has absolutely taken off.  While she’s really into drawing people right now, today she drew her first ever dog.  I get such a kick out of these things! ☺


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A First Drawing: Ainsley & Baby Otto

IMG 4993This afternoon Miss G made a little congratulations card for her sweet playmate Ainsley, who became a big sister 11 days ago.  She decided she wanted to draw Ainsley and her new brother on the inside of the card, which was a big undertaking seeing as she’s only ever really drawn circles, triangles, squares, and happy faces.  When she asked for help, I walked her through the parts we needed to add to her start of two smiley faces (“Okay, now what does Ainsley have on her head?”, “What about feet? Should we add some?”, etc.) and this is what she created.  

Pretty brilliant for a first real drawing, I’d say.  ☺


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Happy Face

This morning, Miss G asked for a marker.  I gave her one, she went to her little table, and returned with this paper a moment later and proudly announced, “Happy face!”

IMG 8973Yes, indeed… That’s certainly a happy face. The first one she’s ever done all on her own.

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