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Healthy Breakfast Banana Split

Healthy Breakfast Banana Split | Mama Papa BubbaBased on my beginning Toddler Food posts, this breakfast is an old favourite, but for one reason or another, I haven’t made it in a very long time.  I guess I kind of forgot about it.  But the other day, when Miss G’s breakfast request involved only one stipulation – something with bananas – it was the first thing I thought of.  I made her her first breakfast banana split in a long time, and she absolutely gobbled it up.  When lunch time rolled around, she requested another and convinced me with a “But Mama, I looooooooved that banana split.  You made it soooo yummy.”  I finally drew the line at dinnertime when she requested a third, but she’s had it for breakfast several times since.  

Breakfast Banana Split Ingridents | Mama Papa BubbaIt’s such a simple morning meal, but it’s healthy, can be made a ton of different ways, and almost tastes like dessert for breakfast. ☺  They change from one time to another, but here’s our usual line up of ingredients…  1/2 a banana cut lengthwise, plain organic greek yogurt (you could use sweetened yogurt if that’s what you’re used to), some almond butter (any nut butter would be delicious), a strawberry sliced up, and something to serve as sprinkles (today we used unsweetened coconut, but we’ve also used chia seeds and hemp hearts). 

IMG 8276This morning, I set out the ingredients as a little ‘build your own breakfast’ station and Miss G assembled her own banana split.  Just as we’ve done together previously, she laid the banana pieces down first, added a couple of big scoops of greek yogurt, topped them both with almond butter and strawberry slices, then sprinkled the whole thing with coconut.

IMG 8282Breakfast is served!


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Toddler Food: What Miss G Eats {31}

Toddler FoodIMG 8714Breakfast // Plain organic yogurt with Anita’s Organic ancient grains breakfast boost.

IMG 9281Breakfast // Ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast with all-natural peanut butter.  Berries.  Chinese pear slices.  Satsuma slices.

IMG 9141Breakfast // Crispy brown rice cereal with chia seeds, sunflower seeds, cinnamon, and almond milk.

IMG 7941Breakfast // Plain organic yogurt with strawberry slices, almond slices, and chia seeds.

IMG 9617Lunch // Wholewheat couscous with steamed asparagus, edamame, baby green peas, feta, and herbs.

IMG 8208Lunch // Grilled chicken, spinach, and brie on wholewheat flax seed bread. Green grapes.  Red pepper slices.

IMG 8256Lunch {for 2 on the go} // Homemade carrot zucchini muffins.  Almond butter, oat, hemp heart, and chia multi-grain roll-up.  Baby cucumbers.  Avocado. Orange pepper slices.  Seedy crackers.  Apple slices.  Grapes.  Mango.  Mixed raw nuts.

IMG 8252Lunch // Quick Gracen-made pizza (all-natural apple chardonnay chicken sausage, orange pepper pieces, asparagus chunks, and grilled onions).

IMG 8185Lunch // Mixed brown rice bowl with grilled corn, onions,  peppers, black beans, fresh avocado, fresh mozzarella, and sour cream.

IMG 8750Lunch // Baby potatoes, asparagus, snap peas, cucumbers, green onions, and chickpeas in plain yogurt and dill.

IMG 8929Dinner // Mexican black bean salad.  Asian noodle salad.  Edamame salad.

IMG 7940Dinner // Sweet potato hash, asparagus chunks, grilled onions, spinach, and all-natural herb and garlic chicken sausage with a dollop of sour cream.

IMG 8110Dinner // Grilled coconut chicken.  Avocado chunks.  Rocket and harvest grains salad.  Strawberries.

IMG 8219Dinner // Wholewheat roasted veggie calzone.

IMG 8292Dinner // Wholewheat spaghetti with ground turkey and tomato basil spinach sauce.  Roasted beets.

IMG 9618Dinner // Grilled chicken.  Warm beet salad.  Warm baby potato salad.


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Toddler Food: What Miss G Eats {30}

Toddler FoodIMG 6099Breakfast // Plain organic yogurt with homemade granola and frozen blueberries.

IMG 6435Breakfast // Scrambled eggs.  Fruit salad.  Wholewheat oatmeal flax pancake with all-natural peanut butter.

IMG 6681Breakfast // Hot oatmeal with almond milk, fresh blueberries, and chia seeds.

IMG 7143Breakfast // Wholewheat sourdough french toast with all-natural peanut butter.  Plain organic yogurt for dipping.

IMG 6336Breakfast //  Plain organic yogurt with homemade granola, fresh blackberries, and fresh strawberries.

IMG 7159Breakfast // Scrambled basil parmesan eggs.  Sweet potato hash.  Pink lady slices.

IMG 7626Breakfast // Plain organic yogurt with fresh mango, unsweetened coconut, and chia seeds.

IMG 6677Snack // Edible rainbow made out of strawberries, sharp cheddar, yellow peppers, edamame, blueberries, and banana slices.

IMG 6682Snack // Roasted garlic parmesan chickpeas.

IMG 6338Lunch {on the go} // Steamed beets.  Cottage cheese.  Blackberries.  Satsuma slices.  Pistachios and cashews. Yellow pepper slices.  Baby carrots.  Unsweetened banana slices.  Organic yogurt-covered raisins (the queen of all treats in our house!)

IMG 7636Lunch // Potato leek soup with chickpeas, baby green peas, and fresh parmesan.

IMG 6479Lunch {on the go} // Avocado.  Banana coins.  Seedy crackers with sharp cheddar.  Cashews.  Apple sandwiches filled with almond butter, oats, and chia.  Baby carrots.  Broccoli florets.

IMG 7845Lunch // Wholewheat pita pockets filled with almond butter, banana slices, and chia seeds.

IMG 6412Lunch {on the go} // Strawberries.  Blackberries.  Starfruit.  Mini wholewheat flatbread.  Seedy crackers.  Avocado.  Miniature chickpea patties.

IMG 7998Dinner // Lentil & veggie pasta and cheese.  Steamed broccoli.

IMG 6335Dinner // Coconut encrusted chicken.  Roasted sweet potato.  Roasted Brussels sprouts.  Steamed beets.

IMG 6557Dinner // Ravioli soup with fresh parmesan.  Roasted broccoli.

IMG 6575Dinner // Roasted sweet potato, cauliflower, beets, and carrots with pan-fried onions and all-natural apple chardonnay chicken sausage.

IMG 6729Dinner // Baked potato.  Barbecued chicken and veggie skewers.  Green salad.

IMG 6744Dinner // Baked spinach pasta and cheese with turkey and green peas.

IMG 7631Dinner // Chicken and bean ‘soft tacos’ with sautéed peppers, cheddar, avocado, and black beans on the side.  Sour cream and green salsa for dipping.

IMG 7775Dinner // Homemade pizza (roasted veggie and barbecue chicken).  Spinach salad with apples, feta, and sunflower seeds.

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Toddler Food: What Miss G Eats {29}

Toddler FoodAnother week, another Toddler Food post. ☺  Admittedly, I’m still catching up, so these photos were from quite some time ago… Uh, probably from around Valentine’s Day given all of the heart-shaped food.  Oy.  Either way, here’s some of what Miss G’s eaten semi-recently. 

IMG 5455Breakfast // Scrambled organic egg with fresh parmesan and basil rolled in a wholewheat flatbread.  Strawberry slices and black grapes.

IMG 5599Breakfast // Yogurt parfait made with homemade granola, organic plain yogurt, fresh strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries, and a tiny drizzle of pure maple syrup.

IMG 5745Breakfast // Wholewheat flax pancakes with all-natural almond butter.  Kiwi slices.

IMG 5898Breakfast // Wholewheat bagel with all-natural cream cheese and hemp hearts.  Strawberry quarters and blackberries.

IMG 5826Breakfast // Wholewheat rye toast with all-natural cream cheese and avocado slices.  Fresh pear.

IMG 5959Breakfast // Organic oatmeal topped with strawberry slices, freshly whipped cream (unsweetened), and chia seeds.

IMG 5914Snack // Chocolate coconut banana muffin.

IMG 5682Lunch {and snacks on the go} // Banana berry muffin.  Dill havarti slices.  Raw almonds and kamut puffs.  Seedy cranberry breakfast bar.  Cucumber slices.  Carrot sticks.  Edamame beans.  Alphabet pretzels.

IMG 5967Lunch // Wholewheat couscous with avocado, red and orange peppers, black beans, red onions, olive oil, and freshly squeezed lime.

IMG 5637Lunch {and snacks on the go} // Banana berry muffin.  Heart-shaped strawberry crispy rice treat.  Mixed nuts and organic o’s.  Carrot hearts.  Veggies and all-natural cream cheese on seedy wholewheat.  Strawberries.

IMG 7627Lunch // Tuna and avocado in mini wholewheat pitas.  Red pepper slices.  Baby carrots.  Cucumber slices.

IMG 5727Lunch {and snacks on the go} // Pear chunks.  Strawberry halves.  Kiwi slices.  Mixed nuts.  Wholewheat flax pancakes.  Heart-shaped strawberry crispy rice treat.  Carrot coins.  Cucumber slices.  

IMG 5422Lunch {and snacks on the go} // Apple slices.  Strawberry halves.  Red grapes.  Red pear.  ‘Gracen mix’.  Orange pepper slices.  Edamame beans.  Chickpeas.  Watermelon strawberry fruit chews.  Avocado, hemp hearts, and all-natural cream cheese rolled in a wholewheat tortilla.

IMG 5332Dinner // Turkey zucchini spinach meatloaf.  Pesto tortelini with fresh parmesan, spinach, garlic, and olive oil.

IMG 6098Dinner // Quinoa ‘mac n’ cheese’ with broccoli, red peppers, and leeks. 

IMG 5970Dinner // Southwest chicken chili with grated sharp cheddar, sour cream, and avocado.

IMG 5344Dinner // Wholewheat fusili with zucchini turkey tomato sauce and fresh parmesan.

IMG 5421Dinner // Veggie soup with harvest grains and chickpeas.  Avocado and all-natural cream cheese in an Ezekiel wrap.

IMG 5681Dinner // Squash and ricotta-filled pasta with homemade spinach pesto, baby green peas, and pine nuts.


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Veggie Lentil Pasta and Cheese

Veggie Lentil Pasta and Cheese | Mama Papa Bubba

While most mac n’ cheese isn’t overly nutritious, this version is packed with protein, veggies, and whole wheat, so I can feel good about giving it to Miss G.  Plus, despite requiring a couple of pots and a immersion blender/blender/food processor of some kind, it makes for a fairly quick and easy hot lunch. Gracen loves it and it pretty much covers the food groups in one dish, so it’s fairly regular in our lunch rotation around here.  

The recipe is less of an actual recipe and more of a guide as there are so many possibilities, but here’s how I normally make it…

Veggie Lentil Pasta & Cheese

  • 1/2 package of the wholewheat pasta of your choice
  • 1 medium carrots, washed and chopped 
  • 1 small piece of squash
  • 1 small chunk of cauliflower
  • 1/2 cup of dry red lentils
  • 1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon of basil
  • dash of cayenne pepper (this doesn’t make the dish spicy…just adds a little depth to the flavour)
  • sea salt and freshly-ground pepper to taste
  • 1 cup of sharp cheddar, grated

Put two pots of water on the stove to boil, one smaller one and one bigger one.

While waiting for the water to boil, wash and chop the vegetables (the combination is really up to you…you can use all 3 veggies, a combination of just 2, or just one kind of veggie – we just use what we have in the fridge at the time).

When the water in the smaller pot comes to a bowl, add your veggies and lentils and cook at a gentle boil.

Add the pasta to the larger pot once the water is boiling and cook according to the package’s instructions.

When the lentils and veggies are very soft and mash easily with a fork, drain them while reserving a few tablespoons of the cooking water.  Pop the lentils and veggies into your blender or food processor along with your herbs and spices and puree until completely smooth.  

When the pasta is cooked, drain it well and return it to the pot along with the lentil/veggie puree (you don’t have to use all of it if you don’t want to – basically what replaces the usual butter and milk combination).  Add cheese and stir over medium heat in order to melt everything and create a thick, creamy sauce (adding cooking water to thin it out a bit if needed).  

Serve and watch your munchkins gobble it up.  (If you’re a parent that needs to be a bit creative about the way you feed your child(ren) veggies, this is the perfect dish.)



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Toddler Food: What Miss G Eats {28}

Toddler FoodWhew!  It’s been a while…  A very long while since our last Toddler Food post.  Realistically, here’s some of what Miss G ate a month or two ago.  ☺

IMG 4525Breakfast // Cinnamon french toast made with wholewheat shepherd’s bread, stewed blueberries, and chia.  Orange slices.

IMG 4641Breakfast // Coconut chia pudding with strawberry slices and raw sliced almonds.

IMG 4332Breakfast // Oatmeal with raw sliced almonds, chia, hemp hearts, and frozen blueberries.  Orange pepper slices.

IMG 4697Breakfast // Organic brown rice cereal with sliced almonds, hemp hearts, loads of cinnamon (she’s obsessed!), and almond milk.

IMG 4845Breakfast // Toasted squarely bread, colby cheese, and a scrambled egg. 

IMG 5124Breakfast // Plain organic yogurt, homemade granola, freeze-dried strawberries and blueberries.

IMG 5238Breakfast // Old-fashioned oats with granny smith apples, almond butter, and cinnamon.

IMG 4986Breakfast // Star-shpaed scrambled organic egg.  All-natural peanut butter and old-fashioned oat banana bites.

IMG 4647Green smoothie // Banana, old-fashioned oats, all-natural peanut butter, coconut milk, vanilla, and spinach.

IMG 4695Green smoothie (though not actually green) // Banana, apple, avocado, kale, frozen blueberries, frozen raspberries, chia, and water.

IMG 4847Smoothie // Banana, pear, apple, frozen blueberries, steamed beets, chia seeds, and water.

IMG 4815Snack // Homemade apple carrot pear fruit leather.

IMG 5057Snack // Homemade wholewheat cheddar crackers.

IMG 4848Snacks & Lunch {on the go} // Baby carrots.  Orange chunks.  Homemade banana berry fruit leather.  Cashew pieces.  Avocado.  Hard-boiled organic egg.  Orzo with feta.

IMG 5242Lunch {on the go} // Mixed fruit.  Homemade banana berry fruit leather.  Homemade wholewheat cheddar crackers.  Raw almonds.  Avocado, cucumber, and cream cheese roll-ups.

IMG 4746Lunch // Tuna and avocado on wholewheat rye.  Baby carrots.

IMG 4824Lunch // Red lentil pasta and cheese.  Baby peas and corn with dill.

IMG 4840Lunch // Grilled all-natural peanut butter and no-sugar-added jam sandwich (an oddly delicious favourite from my childhood).

IMG 5107Lunch // Curried tuna apple salad on a wholewheat croissant.  Strawberry chunks.  Grapes.

PhotoLunch {on the go} // Red pepper slices.  Cucumber slices.  Grapes. Strawberries.  Avocado.  Edamame crackers with organic cheddar.

IMG 5331Dinner // Personal turkey meatloaf.  Mashed potatoes.  Roasted carrots.  Roasted Brussels sprouts.

IMG 4524Dinner // Homemade chicken tenders.  Steamed carrots and snap peas with fresh herbs.  Roasted baby potatoes.  Homemade honey mustard sauce.

IMG 4588Dinner // Wholewheat fusilli with fresh spinach and all-natural chicken sausage in a clear sauce.

IMG 5105Dinner // Harvest grains, edamame, steamed carrots and snap peas with grilled prawns.

IMG 5108Dinner // Homemade mulligatawny with granny smith cubes.

IMG 4556Dinner // Wholewheat couscous. Mini chickpea/veggie patties.  Hummus.

IMG 4751Dinner // Spinach tortellini with carrots, broccoli, edamame, onions, and fresh parmesan.

IMG 4917Dinner // Potato and leek soup with chickpeas and feta.  Grilled cheese on wholewheat shepherd’s bread.

IMG 5031Dinner // White bean chicken chili with colby jack, avocado, and fresh cilantro.

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Egg-Shaped Yogurt Pops

Egg Shaped Yogurt PopsHolidays like Halloween and Easter, which are most often filled with chocolate, candy, and other junk can definitely be a little challenging when you work hard to not have your child eat any of those things.  And while I’m certainly not ready to throw in the towel and pass the jellybeans her way, I also really don’t want her to ever feel like she’s missing out on something special.  My solution?  Creating treats that are fun and delicious, but healthy at the same time.  I won’t deny that it takes a little bit of extra planning, some extra effort, and some extra time, but for me, it’s 100% worth it that my little love gets to enjoy and indulge, while maintaining a wholesome, healthy diet.  Needless to say, when I saw this adorable idea on Play Eat Grow, I knew I had to try a version of my own for Miss G and her cousins.  

IMG 7589Before I could get to making the popsicles themselves, I had to prepare the moulds first.  And by *I*, I mean I had to ask my hubby to drill holes in the bottoms of the plastic eggs, to which he recruited my father-in-law’s help.  The two of them disappeared into the garage for a minute, and returned in no time with the job done.  

IMG 7375For the filling, I knew I’d have to make them a little sweeter than I normally would in order to coax my niece and nephews into eating them, but I also wanted to keep the ingredients very simple.  Grae and I popped a cup of plain organic yogurt, a cup of no-sugar-added frozen berries, and 3 tablespoons of pure maple syrup (you could easily do with less – half even) into Grandma Sue’s food processor, and blended it up until nearly smooth.  My plan was to fill a piping bag and carefully pipe the mixture into the closed plastic eggs via the drilled hole, but at the last minute, I decided to go with a less finicky and much more messy method.  Basically, I dunked the egg halves into the mixture to fill them up separately, then quickly slapped the two halves together trying to lose as little as possible in the process. It worked fairly well.

IMG 7434With the eggs full, I plugged the drilled holes with my fingertips, quickly ran them under some cool water to clean off the exterior of the eggs, then popped them into an empty egg carton and added sucker sticks into the holes.  We froze them for several hours, and voila!  A new Easter treat was ready.

IMG 7444The good news is that most everyone really liked them.  Even my 6 year old nephew who tried a piece of apple for the first time this weekend ate about a 1/4 of his before leaving it to melt in a cup (pretty much  a huge success in my books).  And most importantly, Grae loved them.  While her cousins moved on to apple pie, Jell-O dessert, and salt water taffy afterwards,  she happily asked for another popsicle. Yay.

IMG 7447


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Toddler Food: What Miss G Eats {27 – Valentine’s Edition}

IMG 5481Breakfast // Heart-shaped wholewheat flax oat pancakes with a tiny drizzle of pure maple syrup.  Strawberry hearts.

IMG 5484Special drink // Frothy strawberry milk (made with freeze-dried strawberries) with heart-shaped milk ice cubes.

IMG 5512Lunch // Veggie and wild rice soup with heart-shaped carrots (aka “love soup” according to Grae).

IMG 5528Dinner // Roasted veggie and feta pizza on a thin wholewheat crust.


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‘Heart in a Hole’

Heart in a HoleThis morning Gracen and I made one of our go-to breakfasts… Eggs in a hole.  Except we always make ours with a fun shape instead of a plain old circle and then change the name just a tad. ☺  On this morning’s menu?  Hearts in a hole. 

IMG 5136 I love this breakfast because it’s so easy, but it’s more fun than just plain eggs and toast.  Plus Grae gobbles it up every time and all you really need is eggs, bread, a little bit of oil, and a cookie cutter of some sort.  

IMG 5138This is really so simple that it doesn’t warrant instruction.  Just place the cookie cutter in the middle of the bread…

IMG 5141And really push down.

EggsThen place the bread, along with the cut out in an oiled pan warmed over medium heat and carefully crack the egg into the hole.  Because we like our eggs cooked hard, we cover the pan right away.

CookedWhen the white appears cooked through, flip everything over and let it cook a couple more minutes.

IMG 5146That’s it – breakfast is served.  And today, just for fun, we added strawberry hearts too.  (This meal may just have to be repeated on Valentine’s Day.)

IMG 5152


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Toddler Food: What Miss G Eats {26}

Toddler Food

The one question I get asked as a mom, far more than anything else is, “How do you get Gracen to eat the way she does?”  And the usual follow-up questions include, “Has she always been open to trying new foods and flavours?”  and “Is there anything she doesn’t like?!”  

While I’ve given my take on it here and there in the comments sections of my Toddler Food posts, I’ve never included the answer in an actual post because the truth is, I don’t really know how she became such a good eater. {And perhaps I’m a wee bit afraid of talking about it too much and jinxing it all. ☺}  Is it because of the way we introduced food to her?  Is it because of the way we currently handle meal times and eating in general?  Was she just born a good eater?  Likely it’s a combination of all of those things…  But I can’t be sure.  

That being said, since I continue to get requests for eating tips each week, I’m going to share what we did and what works for us.  

It all started while I was pregnant actually…  Other than the first few weeks, I had a really good pregnancy.  I felt well and could eat {small portions} of anything I wanted (other than meat) without feeling sick, so I made sure to nourish our growing baby the best I could while she was still in the womb.  Right away, I cut out all refined sugars, caffeine, and unhealthy fats.  I filled my diet with healthy fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans and nuts, and ate a variety of flavours, spices, herbs. (Did you know that your baby tastes the flavours of what you eat through the amniotic fluid?  They do!  Cool, eh?)  And I continued to do the same once she was born so that she’d still be experiencing a wide variety of flavours through the breast milk she was drinking.  

When she was 6 1/2 months old and we decided to introduce solids, I made all of her food at home and included those same herbs, spices, and flavourings she’d already become accustomed to into her first foods (bananas with cinnamon, carrots with dill, spinach with nutmeg, and curried chicken were some of her favourites).  During our brief time with purees, I also made sure to vary the textures of the foods so that everything wasn’t always just smooth – some were slightly chunky, others were quite chunky, and she got used to them all from the get go.

After eating purees for about a month, we basically transitioned her over to a baby-led weaning style of eating.  I ensured that our food was fresh, flavourful, and full of variation, as well as free of salt, sugar, and unhealthy fats, and she began eating chunks of our family meal (no separate “kid food” here!) from about 7 1/2 or 8 months on.

There have definitely been things she hasn’t liked along the way.  Potatoes (of any sort) were a big flop for a long time, she had a short stint of not enjoying cheese, and she’s never liked raw tomatoes (but then again, I don’t blame her for that one – they’re one of the few foods I despise also!)  Right now, she’s not a fan of raw leafy greens though she happily ate them from the age of 1 until just after 2.  Do we force her to eat the things she doesn’t like or want?  Absolutely not.  But we don’t stop offering them either.  To this day, I’ll still put a grape tomato on her plate if they’re part of the meal we’re eating.  And no, she never eats the whole thing, but sometimes she does try them, which is just fine with me.  

There are a few other things we do that I think help Miss G to remain a good eater…  First off, she’s involved in a lot of the cooking and food prep in our house, and I always feel like kids are more likely to eat foods that they’ve helped make.  Secondly, I make one meal and we all sit down and eat together as a family.  No Gracen eats first and we eat once she’s in bed, no separate kid meal, and no television on during meals. She sees us trying new things and she’s usually happy to try them too.  And lastly, and I hope it doesn’t sound too harsh, there’s no other option available if you don’t want to eat the meal that’s been prepared.  She never has to eat if she doesn’t want to, but we won’t give her a bowl of yogurt or a banana or something else in place of the meal she has in front of her.  If she wants to be done and hasn’t eaten a whole lot, we simply save the meal for her to come back to later when she’s feeling hungry.

Now we just have to hope that I haven’t jinxed it all and she continues to be a fantastic little eater. ☺

Alright, so after that long-winded explanation, here’s some of what our little lady has eaten lately…

IMG 2584Breakfast // Wholewheat bagel with cream cheese and avocado slices.  Kiwi slices.  Red grapes.

IMG 2781Breakfast // Baked blueberry oatmeal with organic milk.

IMG 3114Breakfast // Wholewheat oat flax pancake.  Scrambled eggs with garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, and feta.  Plain organic yogurt.

IMG 3158Breakfast // Organic multigrain cereal with hemp hearts, chia seeds, frozen blueberries, and organic milk.

IMG 3396Breakfast // Toasted sovital with all-natural peanut butter.  Banana coins.  Honey mandarin.

IMG 3600Breakfast // Scrambled parmesan basil eggs.  Panfries.  Honey mandarin.  All-natural chicken sausage.

IMG 3159Snacks {on the go} // Raw almonds.  Fresh avocado.  Red grapes.  Snap peas.  Old cheddar.  Organic wild rice sticks.

IMG 2581Lunch // Wholewheat rotini with toasted almonds, sautéed spinach, and feta.

IMG 2778{Weekend} Lunch // Assorted crackers with baked garlic and sun-dried tomato brie.  Avocado, Asian melon, and celery with mediterranean hummus.  Kiwi quarters and pomegranate seeds.

IMG 2975Lunch // Organic egg salad in a mini wholewheat pita.  Carrots, snap peas, peppers, and avocado with all-natural dip.

IMG 3054Lunch {on the go} // Peppers and carrots.  Baby mandarin.  “Lulu mix” (almonds, kamut puffs, organic raisins, freeze-dried raspberries, and organic o’s).  Almond butter and hemp hearts on wholewheat pumpkin seed yogurt bread.  Cheddar cubes.  Black beans.

IMG 2586Lunch // Harvest grains.  Sauteed kale.  Grilled chicken breast.  Steamed beets.

IMG 2749Lunch // Spicy tomato soup with fresh parmesan and parsley. Multigrain crackers.  Carrot sticks and humus.

IMG 3330Lunch {on the go} // Boiled organic egg.  Tofu cubes.  Plain yogurt with cinnamon.  Apple sandwich with almond butter, chia seeds, and old-fashioned oats.  Pepper strips.  Avocado.

IMG 3383Lunch // Tuna salad and sprouts on flax seed bread.  Avocado.  Apple and kiwi slices.  Baby mandarin.

IMG 3706Lunch // Black bean veggie quesadillas.  Kiwi slices.  Watermelon spears.

IMG 3446Dinner // Mulligatawny soup.  All-natural turkey, spinach, colby, and avocado on multi-seed bread.  Cucumber slices.

IMG 2779Dinner // North Shore Mama‘s salmon tacos.  (YUM!)

IMG 3519Dinner // {Turkey} Lasagna soup.

IMG 2887Dinner // {Turkey} Shepherd’s pie.

IMG 3033Dinner // Israeli couches with steamed veggies and feta.  Grilled chicken breast.

IMG 3091Dinner // All-natural apple chardonnay chicken sausage.  Steamed broccoli.  Dilly carrots.  Roasted potatoes.

IMG 3093Dinner // Ravioli with a spicy cream sauce.  Coleslaw with fresh herbs and sunflower seeds.  Veggies and humus.

IMG 3279Dinner // Brown rice with steamed veggies and tofu.

IMG 3328Dinner // Potato and leek soup.  Spinach salad with edamame, avocado, and sunflower seeds.  Grilled white cheddar on Ezekiel 4:9 bread.

IMG 3482Dinner // {Take out} Thai green curry on coconut rice.

IMG 3485Dinner // Grilled chicken with tzatziki.  Garlic and parmesan roasted Brussels sprouts.  Roasted baby potatoes.

IMG 3480Dessert // No-sugar peanut butter chia cookies.


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