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The Best Kind of Saturday

IMG 9284IMG 9311IMG 9347IMG 9321IMG 9324IMG 9341IMG 9331IMG 9354IMG 9349Saturdays don’t come better than this.


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Family Day at Collage Collage

After a morning spent at Granville Island with friends, we headed to Collage Collage, a local art studio and shop that specializes in creative experiences for children.  Since it was BC’s first ever Family Day, Collage Collage was hosting a special event where families were invited to come in and work on decorating a family of wooden nesting dolls together.

IMG 5441We arrived to find everything set up for us and ready to go.  Miss G was given a large paint smock, and together  we painted all of the pieces according to Grae’s colour selections.  While the paint dried, Gracen got washed up and played with the felt boards in the little nook, and then we drew the faces on with pencil and markers afterwards. 

IMG 5442The project was difficult enough to absolutely require our involvement, but easy enough to allow Gracen to participate in the process fully. In the end, we left for home with a very happy bubba and our new nesting dolls in a box.

IMG 5443And judging by its popularity already, I just know that this colourful wooden family is going to quickly become a favourite.


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Oh, how I love Sundays…  And today’s was just as they were meant to be.  Bradley had the day off and we were able to spend the day together, just the three of us, for the first time in what felt like a long while.  Our  day was filled with a morning at the beach, a leisurely walk for tea lattes, a lazy lunch, produce shopping at our favourite market, and fresh vietnamese spring rolls for dinner. Of course, the beach was the highlight…  I know it seems like we’ve been a little obsessed with Kits Beach lately {we have!}, but it’s just so beautiful down there.  There’s a little bit of everything – a seawall to walk along, one of the best playgrounds we’ve visited in the city, and a giant beach to explore.  Not to mention, there’s a Starbucks across the street (this makes Mama very happy) and you can’t walk 3 steps without seeing a dog or a bird (this makes Gracen very happy). Overall, it’s a win-win!  Plus, it’s only 15 minutes from our house and Papa had not been since well before our overseas adventure…  So basically, we HAD to go {and take 150 photos while we were at it}.  Here are some of my favourites:

IMG 6446Little Miss Animal Lover on her way to offer the seagull her muffin.

IMG 6447Carefully selecting a few new items for our ocean discovery box.

IMG 6450Smitten with blankets.

IMG 6460Almond-filled pockets.

IMG 6463Sittin’ with the seagulls.

IMG 6472Deep in conversation.

IMG 6473“Papa, you’re sooooo funny!”

IMG 6480Showing off her shell.

IMG 6483Impromtu beach snuggles for Mama. ♥

IMG 6500Giggles.

IMG 6521Stealth snack style by Papa.

IMG 6530Little admirer.

IMG 6532Serious about boots.

IMG 6534Log walking.

IMG 6537Papa & his little lady.

IMG 6541Dismount.

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