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Though we were hopeful, the rain didn’t let up in the least for Gracen’s very first time trick-or-treating… In fact, come dark, it was pouring down so hard that the rain was hitting the asphalt and then bouncing back up at us.  While not ideal for trick-or-treating, what are you going to do? We layered up our little fox, grabbed our umbrellas, and headed out with the goal of visiting at least a handful of houses. 

IMG 1363After stopping by Uncle Brett’s house for a quick visit, we made our way down his street.  Grae was so excited, and within a couple of houses, she had the knock, “trick-or-treat”, and “thank you!” down pat.

IMG 1371After carefully making her way down the steps, she’d squeal, “Different house! Different house!  Yook for yights… Yook for punkins!!!”

IMG 1378Then she’d quickly find another and shout, “Go to dis house!”  The girl was into it.

IMG 1381After looping around, visiting the houses on the other side of the street, and making our way back to our car, we headed back to our neighbourhood.  By then, the rain had lightened up quite a lot, so we headed into the backyard to light some sparklers.

IMG 1389I’m not sure where I originally saw it, but I remember seeing someone using a plastic cup as a sparkler shield during 4th of July festivities with their kiddos.  Brilliant, really.  Before heading out I had cut a tiny ‘x’ on the bottom of an extra party cup we had from Gracen’s birthday party, so all we had to do was poke our extra long sparklers through just a bit, and light them. 

IMG 1400It worked like a charm. 

IMG 1402And since I only poked them through a little bit, the part Gracen was hanging onto didn’t get hot at all.

IMG 1405Gracen happily held on until the sparklers were about half way down, then she’d pass them to one of us, and ask for a new one.

IMG 1415Before heading in, we quickly snapped a couple of shots of Gracen and I, because although we always have a ton of photos of Grae and Bradley together, pictures of Mama and Grae are few and far between.  (Sadly, by this point I was soaking wet falling apart mess, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.)

IMG 1428Inside, Gracen dumped out all of the treats she’d collected. Can you tell we had infused them with an equal amount of healthier “treats”?  Haha!  Who says people don’t hand out stamps, stickers, pretzels, seeds, crackers, organic fruit leather, and organic yogurt-covered raisins (a HUGE treat in our house)?  ☺

IMG 1423Grae then sorted the piles into a “Gracen pile” and a “Mama/Papa pile”, giving us all of the delicious, but terrible for you chocolate and candy, and happily giving herself all of the ‘Mama approved’ treats (that’s our girl!)  

Have you ever seen a child so excited for freeze-dried strawberries when there’s a plethora of chocolate bars, chips, and cheezies in front of her?

The night ended with a treat feast, a glow-in-the-dark bubble bath, and a tired little lady falling asleep to the sound of fireworks filling our neighbourhood.

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A Halloween Visit to Papa’s School

IMG 1274It’s been a busy day for us so far… After an early morning visit to SweetSalt Baked Goods & Playscapes for coffee, fresh bread, and ghost cookies made with organic flour and pumpkin, and a Halloween celebration at Strong Start, we headed to Bradley’s school for a little visit.  

IMG 1277Gracen was so excited to visit her Papa and show him the treat bag she’d made at school and even more excited to go from one classroom to the next, popping in to say hello to all of the lovely teachers.

IMG 1280What she wasn’t excited about, however, was leaving without Papa in tow.  Poor little lady cried her most pitiful cry and ran back to Papa twice after already saying goodbye and escaping Mama’s grasp. ☹

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Gracen the Fox

Weeks and weeks ago, I asked Gracen what she wanted to be for Halloween.  Without hesitation, she exclaimed, “Fox! A BROWWWN fox!”  Her response kind of surprised me because we haven’t really spent much time talking or reading or learning about foxes.  And at the time, I wasn’t convinced she’d have the same answer a week down the road.  But was I ever wrong.  Although she wavered a tiny bit between a being a brown fox and an orange fox, never once did she change her mind about the fox part itself.  So, Gracen the fox it was.  

I knew I wanted to make her little costume (making her Halloween costumes is just one of those things, like making her birthday cakes, that I want to do until she’ll no longer let me), but I had no clue how I’d do it.  So while I’d been collecting materials, I hadn’t actually started putting anything together until last night when I realized that our Howl-o-ween Play Gym had crept up on me and was the very next morning.  Oops.  So I kept it super simple (I highly recommend starting costumes with a hoodie) and just added ears, a tail, and tummy fur to a little brown hoodie, and made a mask to go along with it.  Here’s Gracen the fox…

IMG 1089

IMG 1092I’m still hoping to make little clawed mittens and clawed black boot covers before Halloween night, but we’ll see what happens…  All that matters right now is that Grae absolutely adores the costume and is already asking about when she can wear it next.  Soon, Baby Girl, soon.

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