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An Okanagan Wedding

Today, Gracen and I got dolled up and headed over to the beautiful Mackie House for the wedding of my good friend Karli.  The weather was the perfect blend of warm and breezy, the venue was gorgeously set overlooking the lake, the ceremony space was filled with beautiful little details, and the bride absolutely stunning.  It really couldn’t have been a better afternoon.

Knowing that she’d appreciate the time to walk around and explore before having to settle in on a seat, Grae and I arrived plenty early.  We picked a couple of aisle seats in the shade of a giant old tree, placed our belongings on them, and explored the grounds for a while.  When it was time to begin, Grae climbed up onto her seat, enjoyed some of the special snacks I’d tucked into my purse for the occasion, and quietly smiled and waved to the guests sitting around us.  Before we knew it, the bride and groom were announced husband and wife, the crowd let out a huge applause (Grae’s favourite part), and it was time to mingle on the grass.  Gracen was reunited with her good buddy Sloan, whom we haven’t seen in a while, and the two were inseparable.  They celebrated with countless hugs, kisses, and healthy dose of hand holding.  It was cuteness OVERLOAD.

Here’s our afternoon in photos… 

IMG 8898‘Found my seat.’

IMG 8905Off to explore.

IMG 8914Patiently waiting.

IMG 8922Loving the paper fans.

IMG 8928‘Mama, Grae Grae climb dis tree?’

IMG 8931Greeting the bride.

IMG 8935‘Oh Sloan, how I’ve missed  you!’

IMG 8939Kisses.

IMG 8949Pretty girls.

IMG 8945High school besties 17 years later…

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Aquarium Visit

Today, Miss G and I met up with our good friends Cheri and Jaiden for a little play date at the aquarium.  The girls are so sweet together that it just melts my heart.  Here’s our morning in photos…

IMG 8708Jellyfish.

IMG 8715“Big fishie!”

IMG 8722Friends.

IMG 8729Dolphin watching.

IMG 8738Dolphin Grae.

IMG 8736Dolphin talk.
IMG 8742Perhaps this will lure them over?
IMG 8746Arm painting.
IMG 8750“Mama! Grae Grae penguin on arm!”
IMG 8751Penguin puppet.
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A Birthday Party

Today we attended the tail-end (darn nap time!) of an adorable construction-themed party for Gracen’s little friend, Keagan, who is turning one.  The birthday boy was adorable as ever {despite not feeling well}, the decor was perfect, and the cake was homemade and beautifully decorated.  

IMG 8296IMG 8306IMG 8309

IMG 8310Grae left with a belly full of 2 ingredient mango ice cream, a dress covered in sand, and a personalized construction hat of her own. It was a good afternoon. 

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Grae & Bella: Eventual Buds

A week ago, Gracen was enamoured with the idea of Bella (Grandma Charlotte’s dog), but whenever the dog came within a 4 foot radius, she’d shake in panic and desperately try to climb up the legs of the nearest adult in search of protection (in Grae’s defense, Bella is still just a puppy and has been easily excitable and quick to jump up until recently).  Now, just 7 days later, after many long walks and several baggies of dog treats, it’s a completely different story.  They’ve become best buds.  Grae isn’t the least bit fearful and Bella has been calm, patient, and gentle despite the lingering hugs, overzealous pats, and ongoing tail tugs. Just look at these two…

IMG 7720IMG 7710

IMG 7729

IMG 7717

IMG 7725

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A Granville Island Playdate

Let me tell you, it’s not easy coordinating the schedules of 5 busy mamas, 3 on-the-go toddlers, and 2 adorably smushy babies. But we finally did it. And on a gorgeous day no less. Gracen and I met up with several of my good friends and their munchkins at Granville Island this morning and it was wonderful.

Grae and I arrived early, grabbed our usual Terra Breads treat (her) and coffee (me), and headed outside to visit with the birds.  I don’t know if it’s because of the increased traffic or not, but since the weather’s picked up and the island’s been busier, the seagull situation has been much better than this winter when the bird incident happened.  In fact, they were so scarce today that we took out a little bag of bird seed I had tucked away and Grae fed the pigeons.  It was the first time she’d fed birds and she was beyond excited about it.  She’d shove her little hand into the bag and slowly pull out a fist stuffed full of seed.  Food in hand, she’d carefully walk to an open area, crouch down, release the seeds, and purposefully brush her hands against one another, ridding her palms of the extras.  Then she’d take a few steps back, wait anxiously, and when the pigeons would start feasting on the meal she’d provided, she’d proudly run back to me shouting, “Bird!  Eat, eat, eat! More! More!”IMG 3570IMG 3574IMG 3576IMG 3588

Once our friends arrived, it was off for a little stroll along the seawall.  We made our way to the playground where the “big kids” had a blast getting filthy and soaking wet in the sand area.  Gracen went down the slide on repeat and playtime ended with all 3 toddlers smushed together on the saucer swing.  Adorableness at its best.IMG 3591

IMG 3596IMG 3595IMG 3598IMG 3604IMG 3605IMG 3610Gracen loved the fact that they were setting up for the upcoming Children’s Festival…  Especially because it meant serious chats with a bookworm and a fist-clenching ride on a pirate ship.IMG 3616IMG 3621

After a picnic lunch under the shade of a tree and a little more playtime, it was time to head home.  There’s really nothing like a day filled with friends, fresh air, and sunshine…IMG 3625IMG 3627

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Today was just one of those days…  Despite her usual 12 hour nighttime sleep and usual 2 hour midday nap, Gracen was out of sorts. Unfortunately, we had a beach play date planned for the day, and not even that cured it.  Being little miss routine, she wanted the morning to go as it always does when we visit the beach (playground, walk, optional hot drink, beach play) and that’s just not how it happened today.  Grae’s little friend was actually getting over a sickness and she wasn’t quite her usual self either.  Not going to lie…  It wasn’t a great combination.  Luckily, we did manage to have many good moments too.

IMG 3130IMG 3138IMG 3140IMG 3143But after a long day, I must say that I’m perfectly happy having the evening to clean my house, work on some Littlest Lulu orders, and unwind while my wee one peacefully sleeps the night away (and hopefully the grumpiness off).  Days like today sure make me appreciate the “easy” days with my happy-go-lucky little lady. Here’s hoping for a better day tomorrow.

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Port Moody Play Date

This morning Grae and I headed out of the city to visit my old friend Cheri and her sweet little girl, Jaiden.  The girls were amazing together.  Jaiden showed Grae around, shared her toys, and was a gracious little host.  Gracen read every book in the house, shared the tea set she chose to bring along, and happily followed Jaiden’s lead.  And as Cheri and I sat at the table sipping hot coffee and catching up, I may have said, “You know, part of me thinks having two would be easier…”  Oops.IMG 1587

Jaiden helping Gracen with her first ever fairy princess experience.

IMG 1590Trail strolling and snacking.

IMG 1593Departure hugs and kisses.

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Shopping Date

IMG 3238I must admit, I’ve been terrible about sticking with Gracen’s regular bedtime lately.  There’s really no excuse, but the extra sunlight at the end of the day, paired with the beautiful weather we’ve had lately, has made it tempting to stay outdoors a little later.  The result is a late dinner, a late bath, and a late bedtime.  Which wouldn’t be terrible if she made up the extra time by sleeping in a little the next day, but that doesn’t happen.  Our little early bird wakes up at 6:30 a.m. regardless, and if she hasn’t gotten her full 12 hours of sleep, she can be a little off for the remainder of the day.  Such was the case today.  By 9:30, she was ready for a nap on the way out to South Surrey for our shopping date with Steph and Baby Tate.

IMG 0839She woke up a short 15 minutes later when we arrived at our destination and was a bit of a grumpypants.  Luckily, visiting with Baby Tate and playing in the kids section of Indigo! are immediate mood lifters.

IMG 0852The four of us grabbed coffee (steamed milk for Miss G of course), visited, and did some shopping.  Together, Grae and I picked out this sweet little dress for one of the upcoming weddings we have planned for this summer.  I loved the colours and she loved the pockets {that can be filled with nuts}, so it was an easy pick.  She also got to pick out a pair of on-sale flip flops and this heart-covered pair was the natural choice.  She was so excited about her new goodies that she insisted she try them on as soon as we walked in the door.

IMG 0913Is there anything cuter than ten tiny toes in a pair of flip flops?  I doubt it.  ☺

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Holy heck.  I just tucked my sweet little lady into bed with a teddy bear and Baby Tate‘s birth announcement magnet.  The obsession just rose to a whole new level.

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Aquarium Date

Today Gracen and I got to go on a long overdue date with an old friend of mine and her adorable little girl, Jaiden.  We met up at the aquarium and spent our morning visiting with creatures of the ocean and tropics. The highlights included being some of few who got to watch a seal training and feeding session, seeing a freshly-born monkey, and watching our little girls walk from tank to tank holding hands (melt my heart). Here are a few shots from our day:

IMG 0514IMG 0516IMG 0519IMG 0523IMG 0536IMG 0540IMG 0542IMG 0543IMG 0549IMG 0552IMG 0559IMG 0562

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