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iPhoneography // Girl Friends

Jessica of Northshore Mama, Nat of Nat Nanton, and I met just over a year ago when the three of us were all nominated as Vancouvermom.ca’s top 30 bloggers.  Despite the bustling room filled with people, the nerves of knowing absolutely no one, and the craziness that is 100+ moms all gabbing during a rare night out, Jess, Nat, and I managed to connect during the celebration event and learned that we all had baby girls within a few months of one another.  That night, we decided a play date / mommy date was in order sometime soon.  Since that night, we’ve chatted pretty much daily, have met up for several mama outings, and have even attended some munchkin-friendly events together, but we didn’t get around to that original play date until today.  And I have to say, though it was a year in the making, it was well worth the wait.  These ladies and their munchkins have a special place in my heart.  The girls each have distinctive personalities and it’s such a joy to watch them interact, problem solve, and compromise with one another.  Together they’re a perfect blend of determination, compassion, humour, and smarts, and something tells me that if these girls stick together, they’ll no doubt conquer the world one day!

Little Girl Play Date | Mama Papa Bubba

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IMG 4448IMG 4492IMG 4484IMG 4478IMG 4494IMG 4457IMG 4449Growing up, there was a group of 7 of us girls who were extremely close.  Throughout the years, some of us have moved, married, developed careers, and had babies, and all of us have grown up and changed. The thing is, bring us all together again, and it’s as close to effortless as friendship can be.  

Today Grae and I had the opportunity to spend time with 3 of those friends (plus an adorable little addition to the crew named Miss A).  We brunched, walked, reminisced, and conducted a mini photo shoot which I’m certain led several strangers to believe that we are completely insane (I don’t blame them).  Grae soaked up every moment.  

Over dinner, I asked her what her favourite part about today was.  Her response was, “Those friends.”  Good call, baby girl, good call.  I can only hope she finds girlfriends that stand the test of time one day.


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