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A Sweet & Simple Gift for Papa

Father s Day Interview  Portrait | Mama Papa BubbaI’ve always adored handmade gifts, especially when they’re from munchkins, so this year Gracen and I created something simple but from-the-heart for Bradley.

IMG 8916We started with an interview all about her Papa.  I’ve seen a ton of these on Pinterest and we did something similar when she turned 2, so I just made up a bunch of sentence starters, read them aloud to her, and she finished them off.  I was actually a little surprised as I wasn’t sure if she’d fully understand how to  finish off sentences like this, but it was no problem at all. Some of her answers – like the fact that Brad likes to wear leggings and ‘makes her food….cereal mostly!’ cracked me right up!

IMG 8921To jazz things up a little, I gathered some inspiration for Daffodil Design and created a couple of mini buntings using scrapbook paper and baker’s twine.

IMG 8958While I did that, Miss G worked on a drawing of Bradley.  It was her idea to retrieve this picture from her room since he was at work and she couldn’t look at him in person.

IMG 8925To put everything together, I simply tacked the buntings onto the interview and portrait papers with a teensy amount of tape, carefully outlined her portrait with black felt, then popped them into frames.  

IMG 9196IMG 9191Here are the finished products!

IMG 9202Pretty cute, right?  My favourite part is that she was just tickled pink about the way Papa’s shoes had turned out…  Proud as a peacock.


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Treats for Dad Basket {A Quick and Easy Father’s Day Gift}

Father s Day Gift  A Quick  Easy Treats for Dad Basket | Mama Papa BubbaBrad and I really don’t do big gifts for one another and haven’t for years (so imagine my surprise when a brand new MacBook Pro was delivered to our door in time for  my birthday last year!), but I do enjoy putting together little non-gifty things to make celebrations a tiny bit more special. This year, besides Gracen’s sweet little interview and drawing and the annual daddy-daughter photo book I make for Brad (which sadly is still in progress), Miss G and I decided to put together a basket of some of Brad’s very favourite treats.

IMG 8907Brad is a true snacker, so loading up a big basket full of goodies he loves was not hard to do.  Miss G and I made a list beforehand, then headed to the market in search of our items.  Included was chips (Gracen chose pop chips), blue corn and flax tortillas with tomatillo salsa, pistachio nuts, roasted cashews, hot and sweet beef jerky, a dark chocolate bar, dark chocolate-covered goji berries, a big bottle of limonata, and a couple of organic sodas.

IMG 8911To personalize it just a little, we printed off these Father’s Day tags from Paper & Stitch, cut them out, and attached them to the different goodies using a glue stick.  In our case, I really should have taken the time to make similar tags that used ‘Papa’ instead of dad, but this time around, this was just easier.

Gracen proudly gave this basket to her Papa today so that he can enjoy it all weekend long.  Picnic treats for tomorrow here we come! ☺


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Footprint Butterfly Flower Pot

Footprint Butterfly Flower Pot | Mama Papa BubbaA few weeks ago, Gracen’s {great} aunt sent me this photo and asked if Miss G could make her one.  After some serious detective work, I believe that the photo was originally shared on Carol’s Classic Gifts and Decor’s Facebook page, but I could be wrong (please correct me if I am!) Though there were no instructions attached, the project looked pretty straight forward, we went for it.

IMG 9987Here’s what we used…  A clay pot large enough to fit Grae’s growing feet on the side, some acrylic paint, a few old paintbrushes, a black Sharpie (though black paint and a fine brush or a paint pen would be great also), and lastly, a matte spray-on clear coat.

IMG 9989Because of the potentially {very} messy nature of this project, we opted to do it outside with the garden hose and a pile of old rags nearby (and I’m thankful we did…things got MESSY despite my precautionary steps).  To get started, I applied a thick layer of paint to Grae’s foot.  In our case, we used purple and green (Auntie Judy’s favourite colours) with a little bit of white in the middle, but you could obviously use any colours you like.  One thing I would say is that if you want the colours to mix together where they meet, you should probably help them along with your paintbrush while on the foot.  I expected the mixing to sort of naturally happen when Grae’s foot was pressed down on the pot, but it didn’t (not a lot, at least).

IMG 9994We carefully pressed one foot onto the pot, washed it off, then painted the other foot and pressed it on so that the two straight edges were in the middle (with a small space between them) and the two arched edges were pointing outwards.

IMG 9998After giving the footprints a few minutes to dry, I used the Sharpie to draw a very simple butterfly body and antennae in the centre.

IMG 0011Then we flipped the pot over and wrote a little message so that Auntie Judy will remember who made the pot and when it was created years down the road.

IMG 9999As a final step, I gave the butterfly part of the pot a light spray of matte sealant, just to make it a little more durable.  Ten minutes later it was dry and we had an adorable personalized gift that was both easy and inexpensive to make. 


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