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This Face.

IMG 9869I love it so.


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A Surprise Package

IMG 6467IMG 6472IMG 6469IMG 6473IMG 6475Is there anything more fun than receiving a surprise package with your name on it?  Probably not.  

This morning Miss G woke up to a great big box from her Manmaw Sue and it was like she had won the lottery.  While some kids her age might tear through the package, throwing opened items aside to make way for new ones, this girl does not.  She carefully unfolds the paper around an item, takes a moment to figure out what it is and what it does, and then sets it aside before carefully selecting the next. I love that about her.  She genuinely appreciates each item.  Glitter? Amazing!  Shiny eggs? Awesome.  Stickers? Even better!  Everything is special.

And she didn’t waste any time putting her new Easter supplies to good use, either.  We took out a big bin, added some of our homemade coloured rice and a few of her new Easter goodies, and she instantly had a scooping/dumping/egg shaker making station.  

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iPhoneography // Headed Home

IMG 8852IMG 8805IMG 8806IMG 8807

.until next time, Okanagan.

.a practice in patience.

.nearly home.

.celebrating with sushi.

Today we left the lovely Okanagan eager to get home, unpack our suitcases, and get back to life as usual…  This final leg of our Christmas holiday adventures made up hours 32 to 39.5 of our trek, and let me tell you, we were ready to be home.  While the first half of our trip was uneventful (other than the fact that the Connector was a skating rink), not long after passing the old toll booth centre, the traffic came to a standstill.  I find it easy to get impatient in these situations… Gracen had just fallen asleep moments before and it would have been incredibly lovely to gain some distance while enjoying an hour of silence, but that wasn’t in the cards for today.  An hour and a half later(long after she’d awoken from her slumber), we were still sitting in the middle of nowhere, now attempting to entertain a toddler strapped into her rear-facing seat.  Of course, we got through it.  When we did get moving again, we eventually passed an accident scene where an SUV had been crushed between the meridian and a semi truck.  And then it struck…  That mixed feeling of absolute sickness and pure gratefulness all at once. 


How lucky we are to have had the opportunity to wait.  How lucky we’re home safely after 3 weeks of winter road tripping.  We’re home safe and sound, and that’s all that matters.


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Easily Pleased

IMG 0139One of the {MILLIONS of} things I absolutely adore about Gracen is her enthusiasm and appreciation for little things… Today, while shopping for a few craft supplies, we came across these {$2} foam letters and she could not have been more thrilled that I agreed to let her take them home when she asked.  For the rest of the day, she held them, prepared for bath time, and talked about how she would show Papa when he got home and he would say “Wooooooooow!” During bath time, it was as though she’d won the lottery – “ABCs, Mama! ABCs!  Grae Grae loves ABC toys!” As she carefully placed each one up on the tiles, she attempted naming them with  enthusiastic guesses (as of now, she knows A, G, S, Y, and Z really well) and every once and a while got her ‘squinty Uncle Gary concentration face’ on, looked up at me for assistance, and said “Dis one a hard one?”

Good lord, I love this little lady.

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Special Delivery

There are few things Gracen loves more than getting mail, even if it’s just flyers and junk.  So imagine her excitement when we arrived home to this heavy cardboard tube and I told her it was for her…

IMG 8656Ya, she was beyond thrilled.

IMG 8658She let me hold it just long enough to slice the label that was holding it together, and then carefully went about opening her mystery package, not knowing that it was going to be filled with goodies she (and her Papa) had helped me choose and personalize online.

IMG 8660The first thing she found was this beautiful growth chart, personalized with her first and middle names, and printed with gorgeous babushka dolls.  She loved it so much that she was doing a nervous-sounding giggle in between little shrieks and stomps. And I’m so glad she did.  Being half Ukranian, I’ve always loved babushka dolls too.  My Baba had several in her house while I was growing up and I always thought they were very special.  Later, when my Dad went to work in Russia when I was a teenager, he brought me back two of the largest, most beautiful matryoshka dolls I’ve ever seen, and I still have them to this day (note to self: they need to be dug out of safe keeping and displayed in Miss G’s room asap).

IMG 8662Also inside the package were a ton of gorgeous personalized labels.  What I hadn’t thought of in advance, unfortunately, was the fact that Grae would think that they were just stickers and immediately want to stick them in her notebook (obviously – com’on Mama!) I explained that these were special stickers… Ones meant for lunch containers, drink bottles, and clothes – not just paper, and she seemed to be semi-okay with that.  

IMG 8672I quickly tucked the labels away and asked if she wanted to help me hang her growth chart up – luckily, she was sold. She was a great little measuring tape/pencil-tack passer and in no time, we had her new growth chart hung.

IMG 8674Once hung, it was time to measure her… 86.5 centimetres – meaning that if the whole ‘measure at age 2 and multiply by 2′ theory turns out to be true, she’ll be taller than her 5’ 4” Mama. Yay for that!

IMG 8675Here’s a closer look at Grae’s labels.  Aren’t the woodland creatures and the muted colours paired with red adorable?  These are iron on clothing labels that are washing machine and dryer safe! 

IMG 8677And these little babushka doll ones are stick on name labels that are dishwasher and microwave safe, but can be put on almost anything.  

In the next couple of weeks, Grae and I will be putting all of these new goodies to the test and seeing how they hold up when paired with a very busy toddler.  We’ll be sure to share our findings with all of you soon!

All items are from Stuck On You.

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