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Kerrisdale Play Palace is Back!

IMG 9843IMG 9844IMG 9845IMG 9858IMG 9861IMG 9854One of our very favourite rainy day spots, the Kerrisdale Play Palace, recently opened for another spring/summer season.  It seems to be a bit of a hidden gem because although it does get busy, it never seems busy enough for what it is – a very reasonably priced GIANT indoor play space filled with fun inflatables.  Miss G and I went this morning for the first time this season and whoa – did she ever have a blast.  While she absolutely loved it last year, this year was even better.  A little bit braver and a little bit bigger, she is now able to make her way to the top of all of the inflatables and down all of the slides – even the huge ones.  She ran, climbed, and jumped the morning away until her hair was literally wet with sweat and it was time to go home for lunch and a nap.  It was a good morning.

The Kerrisdale Play Palace is located at the corner of 41st Avenue and East Boulevard, in the arena directly behind the McDonald’s. When visiting, keep in mind that both you and your little one(s) will need socks and that weekday admission is divided by age groups.  For the 2013 schedule and admission fees, click here.


For extra fun, like us on Facebook here and find us on Instagram here.

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Letting Loose, Play Palace Style

After waking up to yet another {very} rainy day, I decided it was time for some dry, indoor fun this time around…  So off to the Kerrisdale Play Palace we went!  I don’t know what it was about today (perhaps it was her nearly 13 hour sleep last night or it being her second visit – she’s a veteran now), but Gracen was absolute WILD woman!  Walking into the rink was like letting a bucking bronco loose after keeping him in the gates for an abnormally long time. The moment she stepped foot onto the concrete, she was running and jumping and squealing and flinging her little body around like it was the last day she’d ever get to play  in her life. Just a guess, but apparently she thinks the Play Palace is pretty awesome.

She didn’t waste any time getting down to business.  First she hit up some old favourites…

IMG 3933IMG 3947IMG 3934IMG 3937And then it was off to try some new things…  See that little monkey climbing up that inflatable ladder?  Last time she got half way up, panicked, and we had to retrieve her.  Not this time though.  Apparently she’s a big girl now because she climbed up and zoomed down on repeat.

IMG 3941Weeeeee

 And then there was this.  Never in her life has she ever gone down a slide on anything but her bottom, but today she was all about belly-down, face-first. 

IMG 3952

Oh, and going down with her little ‘yeehaw arm’ in full effect.Yay

Later on, she saw a big girl climb up for a ride on the shark’s back, and she was desperate to do the same.  After letting her try and try again to get on, I finally broke all the rules, climbed up onto the inflatable while the supervisor wasn’t looking, and helped her up. (Shhhhh… Don’t tell.)IMG 3960
Strangely enough though, today’s absolute favourite was the foosball tables.  She kept going back to them again and again and when I told her we only had time to do one more thing, she picked going back for some more table football.  IMG 3963

It was the perfect way to spend our rainy morning.  I left with a dishevelled, tired little monkey who was more than ready for her nap when we got home.

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Kerrisdale Play Palace

This morning, as we stepped foot into a little old arena on the westside, I was transported back in time.  A time in the late 80’s / early 90’s where I spent hours and hours in little old arenas, freezing my tush off while watching my brother’s countless hockey games.  Only this was Kerrisdale.  And it’s quite obviously 2012.

But despite the dingy smell, yellow lights, and chilly temperature, the Kerrisdale arena, which is transformed into the Kerrisdale Play Place each spring, is truly a hidden gem for those of us who live in a city that gets as much rain as we do.  It’s filled with inflatable slides, obstacle courses, and bouncy castles, gym equipment, musical instruments, and ride-on cars and toys, making it much more than just your usual play gym drop in session.  And let me tell you, Gracen LOVED it.  I don’t think she stopped squealing for more than 5 seconds during our entire visit.  Here our some photos from our visit…

On the pirate-themed ocean inflatable in the preschooler area:
IMG 1635IMG 1609

Playing with floor toys and equipment in the preschooler area:
IMG 1611IMG 1615IMG 1627IMG 1618

In the preschooler bouncy castle:IMG 1621IMG 1617

Riding plasma cars in the main area:

IMG 1639IMG 1641

Shooting some hoops in the main area:IMG 1643IMG 1648

A couple of hours of squealing-good fun for a few bucks? You really can’t go wrong.  My only advice if you plan to visit..  Firstly, dress warm (it’s chilly in there!)  Second, wear or bring socks (they’re mandatory in all areas for children and in the preschool play area for adults).  And lastly, don’t be fooled by the jumping jack/push up/karate choppin’ sit up-doing attendant…  He’s surprisingly on his game and will catch and scold you if you sneak up the giant inflatable slide with your munchkin.   ☺

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