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The Best Kind of Saturday

IMG 9284IMG 9311IMG 9347IMG 9321IMG 9324IMG 9341IMG 9331IMG 9354IMG 9349Saturdays don’t come better than this.


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Dirt, Sticks, & Water

IMG 6428IMG 6424IMG 6417IMG 6427We woke up to an absolutely gorgeous sunny day today and immediately packed up a lunch and headed down to our favourite beach-front playground.  As always, Grae spent tons of time climbing ladders, sliding through tunnels, riding the swings, and spinning on the merry-go-round, but during this visit, she spent just as much time climbing on and off this log, adding bits and pieces, and tending to her delicious-looking mud soup.

It makes my heart happy that dirt, sticks, and water can still inspire just as much play as it did when I was little.

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Beach Morning

IMG 5638IMG 5642IMG 5643IMG 5646IMG 5656IMG 5660Who says you can’t spend gloomy, cold days at the beach?


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Playing Hookie

This morning as we were having our usual wake up cuddle in the ‘big bed’, Grae poked her head through the curtains, turned to me with big eyes, and exclaimed, “Mama, it’s a SUNNY day today!” Then she immediately asked to go to the beach.  I explained that it was Thursday morning, which is our usual Strong Start day, then let her know that she could make the decision.  She thought about it a moment and said, “Mama, we go to the beach instead of school.  We walk…. We play… We see birdies… We see the ocean… aaaaaand… we get hot drinks!”  So the beach it was.  

IMG 5250IMG 5247IMG 5256IMG 5258IMG 5264IMG 5271IMG 5272Some days are just too beautiful to spend indoors, even if it is at school… (Shhh… Don’t tell.)


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My Baby’s Not a Baby Anymore

IMG 2563IMG 2564IMG 2568We had plans to attend a morning story time today, but when we woke up to no rain, I knew we had to make the most of it and get outside.  Grae agreed without hesitation and immediately suggested going to the beach.  In particular, the beach with the “biiiiiiig ladder and biiiiiig slide”.  

It’s still kind of crazy to me that my baby girl can do all of the things she can now… 


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A Fall Day at the Beach

Today we woke up to the first dry morning we’ve had in days…  So though we already had plans for a lovely indoor day, we put them on hold, layered up, and headed down to the beach for a morning of fresh ocean air.  It’s been quite a while since our last beach day, but our routine little lady didn’t skip a beat.  Our visit went as all of them do – playground time, a walk to Starbucks for a hot drink, actual beach time to collect treasures in the sand and dip our toes in the ocean, and then back to the playground for a second round of play before heading home for lunch and a nap.  

Here is our morning in photos…

IMG 1540Uncovering treasures in the sand pit.

IMG 1544Cashews and a steamed milk while making friends through the window.

IMG 1551Driftwood collector.

IMG 1558“Mama takes a picture of Grae!”

IMG 1561“A little bit farther?”

IMG 1564Running from waves.

IMG 1568“Here birdie. Have dis green leaf.”

IMG 1570Sand drawings.

IMG 1574Water watching.

IMG 1576Admiring our autumn-coloured city.

IMG 1582Hand wash.

IMG 1587“No almost time for home. Grae Grae naps on the log!”

IMG 1594“It’s cooooooomforble, Mama.”

IMG 1603Suddenly she can do this.

IMG 1604“Spin it, Mama! Spin it!”

IMG 1612Little adventurer. (She climbed to the very top of this play structure and went down the giant  tube slide all by herself. THREE times.)

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