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Gracen’s Christmas Wish List 2012

Tonight Miss G and I picked up Brad from work.  On the way home, Gracen started telling Papa that we are going to visit Santa tomorrow…


Brad: What kind of present are you going to ask Santa for?

Gracen: A candy cane! (the funny part is that she does not eat candy canes yet… she simply holds them)

Brad: Do you want anything else for Christmas?

Gracen: Ya. Packing peanuts!

I guess we’ll have to see what Santa can do.  ☺

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En Francais

We’re riding the Canada Line, and a man wearing a baseball cap gets on…

Gracen: (loudly) Dat man wearing red hat, Mama.  (now shouting) Bon chapeau, Man!

We can thank her Papa for this one…

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On Papa

While doing her hair this morning:

Gracen: Papa’s a niiiice guy, Mama.  Funny guy too.  Papa says ‘booyah’ and ‘dude’.

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Gracen’s been really into names lately, and she’s constantly asking, “Her name is?” or “His name is?”  about people and characters she doesn’t know.  Here’s a little conversation that took place tonight during dinner…

Gracen: Mama’s name is Jennifer?
Mama:  Yes, it is. What is Papa’s name?
Gracen: Babe. (pause) Papa’s name is Babe.
Love her.
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On Manners

Gracen, holding out a fancy book that ties shut with a ribbon…

Mama ties dis? Pleeeeease?

Dat’s manners.  Peoples yike manners.  Grae Grae LOVES doing manners.

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Gracen Says

After telling her that I was going to go out to see my friends and Papa would be with her for dinner and bedtime…

“Dat’s a sad fing.  Grae Grae want to keep Mama. Dat Mama is da best mama.”



On the day it was time to compost her beloved polka dotted pumpkin…

“Dat’s a very sad fing, Mama… Frowing da punkin in da compost.  Grae Grae no like dat.”



Talking about the Apple onesie Bradley bought her in Cupertino…

“Dat one’s from Canaforna.  Papa bought it dere.  Grae Grae loves Canaforna. Grae Grae wants to drive to her.”



During a post-nap cuddle with Mama…

“Dis is da best Mama. Dis is Grae Grae’s mama. Grae Grae loves only dis mama.”


Goodness gracious… When she says things like this I could just eat her up.

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3 Kisses

Gracen: (as she slowly walks towards the kitchen while giving me a adorably sly  sideways smile) Grae Grae have some yogurt raisins?

Mama: (raises her eyebrows)

Gracen: (in a sing-songy voice mastered only by hearing it time and time again) It’ll cost three kisses… (she quickly jumps into my lap, takes my face in her hands,  delivers three very purposeful kisses, and jumps down again)

Mama: Thanks for the kisses, Love.

Gracen: Grae Grae has yogurt raisins now. Dat’s a treat.  Grae Grae has a treat, Mama has a treat. Mama has TWO treats!

This girl’s got skills…


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Quotes of the Day

This morning, Miss G and I started our day cuddling and reading books in our master bed as we always do.  Brad was already at work and I went to the washroom for a minute and returned to find Gracen typing away in the email app on my phone. I gave her a little ‘what are you up to?’ look, and she immediately responded with…

“Grae Grae missin’ Papa.  Grae Grae send ‘im (him) one of deez (these).”


Later on in the morning, while on a quick trip to the mall, we stopped at the washroom.  I asked her if she needed to go pee and she said…

No, thank you.  Gracen just perfect. No pee.

 (“Just perfect?! Where does she get this stuff?”)


After discovering that my debit card was not in my wallet as we went to pay for something, we headed home {a tad bit annoyed}.  I must have been a little quiet in the car because Miss G piped up from the back with… 

“Mama’s debit card at home. Mama upset ’bout dat.”


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3 Little Words

Tonight, for the first time ever without being prompted or having me say it first, Gracen said three little words that instantly melted my heart into a pile of mush.

We were {very slowly} making our way home from Seattle, Papa and Uncle Brett in the front of the vehicle, and she and I in the back, when she took my face in her hands, looked me square in the eyes, and said…

“Grae luuuuhhves Mama.”

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Grae’s Thankful For List 2012

The other day, after reading a couple of books about Thanksgiving, I asked Gracen what she was thankful for. I explained that when we are thankful for something, we really love it and are happy to have it.  With that, she immediately started her list…

“Stickers, puppets, and Mama! Chicken… Play dough… Papa! Yummy food.  Books, balls, and parks. And schools. And swim classes!”

Love her.

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