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Gracen Reads ‘Brown Bear’ {Again}

Because I just can’t help myself, here’s Miss G reading ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’ again, only this time through to the last page she almost always awkwardly skips ‘because it’s a tricky one’.  ☺

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Back to Life as Usual

IMG 4290IMG 4297IMG 4299Our house is still littered with Christmas things and bags waiting to be unpacked, but ahhhh… Does it ever feel good to be home.  It was back to business as usual today – morning park visit, a trip to the library, hot drinks and treats at SweetSalt, hours (and hours and hours) of football, and afternoon baking.  All the things Sundays are made of.


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Back At It

After saying goodbye to Grandma Charlotte this morning, Grae and I got ready and headed to our usual Saturday story time at Hillcrest Centre.  Gracen was thrilled to be back at it after a few weeks spring break.  She danced, bounced, and followed along with the actions, all while gnawing on a giant carrot.

IMG 9228And at the end of the session, she joined the mass of eager toddlers and patiently waited her turn to get a hand stamp.

IMG 9231After making her way to the front of the pack, she placed her little hand on the teacher’s knee, and received her special green frog stamp.  She was pleased as punch.

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