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iPhoneography // Frog Tags Along

Today’s play gym visit was all about Frog.  Everything that Gracen did, Frog did.  Come to think of it, Kermit probably had a better time than Grae because she used many of her turns to send him down the slide, help him jump on the trampoline, and push him on the plasma cars.  IMG 3337IMG 3341IMG 3345

Of course, when Grae went potty, so did Frog (ew…public washrooms and stuffed creatures – don’t worry – he didn’t touch a thing!) and when Gracen waved goodbye to play gym and all of the kids and toys, so did he.  What a silly little doodle I have on my hands.

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Taking Care of Baby

This morning as I was cooking up a pot of spicy black bean soup and Grae was playing, I heard an unusually loud sucking noise coming from the living room.  I thought for sure that there was a tea party in full swing happening in the living room, but carefully poked my head around the corner to find this…IMG 0311IMG 0313

Our sweet and nurturing little lady nestled in the corner of the couch nursing her baby doll.  I don’t know why, but this just kills me every time.  Melt my mama heart.

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iPhoneography // Mini Mommy

IMG 2969Apparently routines are just as important for baby dolls as they are for our little baby doll.

IMG 2970First off, Bubba’s bath.

IMG 2977Then story time.

IMG 2981Next up:  A pre-bedtime potty break.

IMG 2985And then into bed it is!

The funny part is that this was all Grae.  I was in the bathroom getting drying my hair when she came in urgently saying, “Bubba!” and then signing ‘bath!’ on repeat.  After Baby was squeaky clean, she then took it upon herself to make sure Bubba got a story and a pee in before I later found her in Grae’s crib, snuggled up with a blanket and all.  I think we may have a little mommy on our hands…

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