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This Face.

IMG 9869I love it so.


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On Love.

While laying in the big bed chatting this morning…

Mama: Grae, do you remember what Valentine’s Day is all about?

Gracen: Yes. (very surely) It’s about love.  


And love is all about LICKING!


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Always & Forever

While getting into the car after a particularly trying visit to the craft store…

Gracen: I’m happy!  I’m a good girl.

Mama: Yes, baby. You’re a good girl.

Gracen: But Mama’s still feeling a little bit up-set though…

Mama: (nods)


Mama: I love you too, Grae.

Gracen:  Mama still loves Grae Grae even when she’s up-set.

Yes I do, sweet girl.  Always and forever.

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