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Parenting fail of the day…

Grae comes back from the kitchen where she was changing her clothes (she’s all about having “privacy” these days) and says, “I had some of my milk!”  We’d stopped by a coffee shop earlier and she still had some of her steamed milk left when we arrived back to the apartment, but I knew it had been put in the fridge.  What hadn’t been put into the fridge though?  My leftover skim latte that was in the exact same kind of cup.  Ugh.

At 2 and half, the girl hasn’t had sugar or fast food and eats very few things that are processed, but she’s had her first swig of coffee.  Super. 

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Island Bound

Gracen’s been talking about ‘riding a ferry boat’ everyday since we told her we’d be taking one over to Victoria for part of spring break, and today it was nonstop.  While we were getting ready, while we were packing up the vehicle, while we were driving to Tsawwassen, and while were were waiting for our scheduled departure, it was constant ferry boat talk.  Mostly of the ‘I want to go on the ferry boat riiiiight now’ variety.  

When we were finally aboard the boat, it was all about exploring.  The restaurants, the arcade, the kids’ play area, the viewing decks – she wanted to see them all.  So that’s just what we did.  
IMG 6777IMG 6783IMG 6778IMG 6805IMG 6789IMG 6801The trip flew by quickly and before we knew it we were off to find the apartment we’ll be staying at for the next few days.  Here’s to spending the week in Victoria.  I’m hoping that there is plenty of exploring, relaxing, and outdoors in our near future.  ☺


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A First

IMG 6725First ever juice box.  Slightly baffled at first (juice?! orange juice?! in a box?!), but after the surprise wore off, she was pretty thrilled about it all.


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Rough Days & Indoor Picnics

Oy.  The last couple of weeks have been tough.  Until recently, Miss G has been a pretty happy-go-lucky, easy-to-please, easy to reason with little lady.  Even in moments of real frustration, getting down on her level and calmly talking out the problem was a sure fix.  Even when she was very little.  And don’t get me wrong.  That sweet, loving little girl is still here and melts my heart on a daily basis.  But goodness gracious, have we ever been on an emotional roller coaster lately.  Little things, like turning off a light, filling a pink cup with water, or putting away a book can set off a wave of disappointment, whining, and tears.  She wanted to do it.  She wanted the blue one.  She was going to read it again.  We’ve had our first temper tantrums, she’s marched to her room and closed the door loudly behind her, and today she pulled out the big guns and shouted “I NO LOVE YOU, MAMA!” (ugh).  We’re doing our best, figuring things out as we go (thank goodness for Janet Lansbury), and focusing all of the good times, but it can sure be exhausting some days.  Especially given my recent run in with a tee ball bat and a set of stairs which has left me hobbling around with highly unattractive purple and blue swollen foot.

Today was just one of those mornings.  It started well, Gracen asked to go to one of our local play gyms, and we began getting ready.  All was good until she wasn’t able to put her tights on on her own and I was in the shower instead of helping her immediately.  And it just went downhill from there.  By the time we were ready and had all of our issues sorted out, play gym was half over and would have been three quarters over by the time we drove there.  So what do you do when you’ve spent the last two hours preparing to leave the house, but it’s now almost lunchtime and you know that an early lunch and early nap is the best thing for everyone involved?  

IMG 6322An indoor picnic! It was special enough that Miss G wasn’t completely crushed about not making it out the door to play gym, but kept our daily routine moving along and neared us to nap time, which was desperately needed. We laid a blanket out in the living room, gathered a few cushions, and turned on some happy music in hopes of a reset.

IMG 6325Miss G requested a “special picnic lunch” and chose a random assortment of foods cut into small pieces, in true toddler fashion.  Her lunch included orange pepper slices, baby carrots, grilled chicken cubes, chunks of aged cheddar, a multigrain mini bun with hummus, kiwi slices and some fruit water.

IMG 6325This mama, on the other hand, needed something more meal-ish, especially after the morning we’d had.  For me, baby kale and baby spinach topped with fresh veggies, feta, cilantro dressing, and a few mini chickpea patties (yum). 

IMG 6328Grae thought the entire set up was very special and went back to being my happy little sidekick almost as soon as we began putting it together.

IMG 6329And thank goodness for that.  


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Two and a Half.

Today my baby girl is officially two and a half.  

One of the little traditions we started when Gracen was born was the celebration of her half birthday.  Because well, why not really?  That extra ‘half’ is a big deal when your age is still in the single digits.  It’s nothing fancy… Just a fun day with “cupcakes” after dinner. This year was extra special as it fell on a weekend which meant Papa got to join in on the fun.

It started with Miss G waking up to a doorway full of balloons, ended with chocolate coconut banana muffins topped with freshly whipped cream and candles, and had muffin making, playing in the rain, an awesome presentation of The Cat in the Hat, and a sushi dinner sprinkled throughout the middle.

Balloon DoorwayIMG 5933IMG 5936IMG 5942IMG 5946Oh, and there was this…  A bath filled with bubbles, balloons, and a shrieky jumpy excited girl.

Happy half birthday, my love.


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Currently // 02.22.13

Photo copy 3Watching:  To be honest, not a whole lot.  Though we turn on the television for a little bit each day while she slurps up her post-nap milk, lately she just hasn’t been interested.  We usually end up turning it off 3 minutes later and move on to reading books instead (which suits me just fine ☺).  Besides that, she does still enjoy watching her usual music videos.

Singing: ‘This Girl is on Fire’ by Alicia Keys.  With a carrot microphone naturally.  That or a broccoli spear will do.  

Playing:  ‘Kick’, which basically involves kicking or throwing a beach ball back and forth again and again.  It just never seems to get old.  What’s amazing is how much her gross motor skills have developed lately…  Throwing, catching, and jumping off and over things seem so natural to her now.  The other thing she’s been doing lately is “exercising”.  Sometimes I’ll find her in the middle of the room, our bath mat under her, doing some strange bending/curling/squatting/crunching movement repeatedly.  Other times I’ll call her and she’ll respond with a frank “Sorry, Mama!!!  I’m busy right now.  I’m exercising!” Such a funny little lady we have.

Talking about: “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  It never.ever.ever.ends.  So when the fourth “What ’cause?” to my response to her original comes along, I take a breath and remind myself that each question is an opportunity to be the kind of parent I want to be. Because sometimes that’s what it takes.

Reading: Sit, Truman was one of her recent library favourites.  The best part was that after a week or so of reading it multiple times a day, she began reading it to us.  There’s something about listening to your little one “read” a book that just melts a parent’s heart.  As for home books, Scholastic’s Number Tales (books I have for teaching) have, without a doubt, been a clear favourite for the last month.  Each of the books has a ‘Can you find…?’ page at the end, which Grae just adores despite their simplicity.  Because of this, Grae’s deemed them “game books” and nothing else will do before bedtime.  

Eating: Okay, so technically this is drinking and not eating, but this girl loooves tea.  She first had it at Baba’s house during our crazy Christmas adventure and she fell in love immediately (tea in fine china for everyone – including kids – has been something that’s happened in my Baba’s house since I was Gracen’s age).  Since then, I’ve found some really yummy caffeine-free tea that are also free of weird herbs that may not be kid-friendly, so Miss G’s been enjoying a cup of tea with an ice cube as a special treat every now and then.  

Danielle from Sometimes Sweet, a blog I’ve followed for a very long time now, does regular Currently posts which inspired my Gracen-modified ones. ☺

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IMG 5675Gracen’s been interested in letters, their names, their sounds, and words that begin with them for quite some time now.  She’s also known how to verbally spell her name for just as long (longer actually), but the two had never really come together.  While she’s asked me to print her name quite a lot, she’s never attempted to ‘make’ her name using her foam bathtub letters, her letter magnets, or any of the other alphabet manipulatives we have around the house.  

Until tonight that is…

This evening she came to me as I was preparing dinner and said, “Mama, come see!”  I went into her room to find that she’d climbed up onto her shelf, retrieved her baby blocks, and was carefully arranging them in order to spell her name.

IMG 5679

Smart little cookie.


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A Story by Grae

This afternoon, while I was brushing my teeth and throwing on some lipgloss in the bathroom and Miss G was watching at the doorway, Grae announced that she was going to tell me a story.  This is it, word for word (giant pauses and all).

Once upon a time….  There was a nice mum mum.  She was brushing her… teeth.  And Grae Grae loved her brushing her teeth.  But theeeeeen…  Gracen sat on her head!!!

Such a strange little doodle I spend my days with.


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A First Drawing: Ainsley & Baby Otto

IMG 4993This afternoon Miss G made a little congratulations card for her sweet playmate Ainsley, who became a big sister 11 days ago.  She decided she wanted to draw Ainsley and her new brother on the inside of the card, which was a big undertaking seeing as she’s only ever really drawn circles, triangles, squares, and happy faces.  When she asked for help, I walked her through the parts we needed to add to her start of two smiley faces (“Okay, now what does Ainsley have on her head?”, “What about feet? Should we add some?”, etc.) and this is what she created.  

Pretty brilliant for a first real drawing, I’d say.  ☺


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A New ‘Do

After our morning adventure, Miss G and I spontaneously decided to head down to Broadway to get her hair trimmed.  As usual, we went to Melonhead, and as usual, we had another great experience.  Though this was Grae’s third haircut, it was the first that I had not prepared for by packing along very special sit still treats. ☺  Thankfully, it wasn’t an issue.  We walked in without an appointment and got in immediately (which is always nice).  Gracen chose where she’d like to sit (the pink car – again) and happily enjoyed some crazy Treehouse show while the lovely stylist snipped away.  

IMG 4590Before.

IMG 4591During.

IMG 4592After.

IMG 4593A sweet little style.

IMG 4596Celebratory pony ride.

Before I knew it, Gracen was sporting a cute new do and we were on our way.


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