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IMG 0593

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Unfortunately, we have not quite recovered from when we veered off the path of consistent naps yet…  Gracen is such a routine little thing, that sometimes it’s difficult to get back on track after falling off.  As of now, she goes down for a nap after lunch as usual, she lays in the dark singing and chatting to herself for a good long while, and when she doesn’t fall asleep, I part her curtains just a little to let in some light, and she has some quiet play time alone in her barely-lit room.  Down time we both need.  

Besides the fact that she truly does still need her nap and our afternoon is tough without out it, the following morning we are guaranteed to have an extra early wake up (we’re talking somewhere in the 5 a.m. range).  This kid is proof to the fact that good day time sleep equals good nighttime sleep, let me tell you.  Then of course, she’s tired the next morning, nap time is extra tough that day, and the cycle continues.  Viciously.  Ugh.

Oh, and on top of that?  Quiet play time equals this:  

IMG 9201A Grae-nado as we call it.  

Here’s hoping for a return of naps, ASAP.


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I Spy…

IMG 7773One of Miss G’s favourite things ever is visiting Papa at school.  We went to pick him up from work tonight, and after playing in the woods for a while, Grae and Bradley took ‘the secret way’ out.  Up on the regular path, I spied this.  


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Parenting fail of the day…

Grae comes back from the kitchen where she was changing her clothes (she’s all about having “privacy” these days) and says, “I had some of my milk!”  We’d stopped by a coffee shop earlier and she still had some of her steamed milk left when we arrived back to the apartment, but I knew it had been put in the fridge.  What hadn’t been put into the fridge though?  My leftover skim latte that was in the exact same kind of cup.  Ugh.

At 2 and half, the girl hasn’t had sugar or fast food and eats very few things that are processed, but she’s had her first swig of coffee.  Super. 

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Just Like Papa

IMG 6410This morning I was beckoned by the usual “Mama, Mama – bum wiiiipe!” call from the bathroom, and arrived to find this.  My little lady, perched up on the toilet, sporting self-drawn Papa eyebrows just as I had drawn on her yesterday during our face painting station fun.  Hah!

Never a dull moment!

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En Francais

We’re riding the Canada Line, and a man wearing a baseball cap gets on…

Gracen: (loudly) Dat man wearing red hat, Mama.  (now shouting) Bon chapeau, Man!

We can thank her Papa for this one…

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What Happens When Papa’s Home…

IMG 2452IMG 2453IMG 2454Oh my word – this just kills me.

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Never EVER.

Miss G has been a fan of Taylor Swift’s ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together‘ for a long while now, but just recently she’s taken her sing-a-longs to a whole new level.  If you’ve ever seen the video, you know that it starts and ends with Taylor sitting in front of a window and for part of it, she talks into an old-school cordless phone.

Never Ever

Well now, when this little monkey wants to sing one of her very favourite tunes, she must be standing looking out a window, and she must have her ‘never ever phone’ in hand.

Singing  Window Front

Here she is singing away…

Perhaps we have a little musician in the making?

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Baby Chef

IMG 1488This morning Grae and I woke up and decided on pancakes for breakfast.  We were just about to gather our ingredients as the phone rang.  As I snuck in a very quick conversation with my sister-in-law, Miss G got started without me apparently…  Anyone up for cornmeal-cocoa-double-salt-tomato pancakes?

You don’t want to know how much salt was already poured into the bowl…

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