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I Love Grandma Because… {A Mother’s Day Gift}

I Love You Because Flower | Mama Papa BubbaWhile we should have probably had these done last weekend and in the mail days ago, Miss G and I just put together these little gifts for the grandmas today. (Sorry Grandmas!  Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming very soon.)

‘I love you because…’ flowers are an old favourite of mine.  I think I done a version of this project every year that I’ve taught and I absolutely adore hearing about why my munchkins love their moms (or fathers/caretakers/aunts/grandmas/etc.) – the answers are often heartwarming and hilarious all at once.  

IMG 9692To get started, Gracen and I filed through my scrapbook paper stash and selected some paper colours for both of her grandmas.  We talked about the parts of a flower, and as she described them, I cut them out.  6 petals, a ‘middle’, a stem, 2 leaves, and a background later, Miss G was ready to start assembling her first flower.

IMG 9696When I asked her if she knew what to do, she said she didn’t, but she got started independently anyways.  She wanted to start with the yellow circle, and the only thing I helped her with was positioning it in a spot that would allow for enough room for both the petals and the stem.

IMG 9698She squeezed a dollop of glue on the back of each petal, then carefully tucked them underneath the centre piece, making sure that none overlapped too much.

IMG 9703When she was done with the petals, she glued on the stem and leaves.

IMG 9706Here’s her finished flower.  Adorable, right?!

IMG 9711Once the flower had had a moment to dry, we sat down together and used the hand over hand technique to print ‘I love Grandma Sue because…’ in the middle of the flower.  Then we talked about the reasons why she loved her Grandmas and added one idea to each petal.  She was happy to help me print the first couple, but asked me to write down the ideas on my own after that, which I was totally fine with.  This project is all about the ideas!  I wrote down her phrases just as she’d said them, even when she told me that she loved Grandma Sue because of her nice feet and belly – hah! ☺

I think the grandmas are going to love these, and it will definitely be interesting to see how her reasons change over the years.  Now to get them in the mail, ASAP.


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Coffee Filter Flowers

Coffee Filter Flowers | Mama Papa BubbaGracen and I have been spending a whole lot of time at the beach lately (yay!), but this afternoon, we finally got around to finishing off a fun little project we started days and days ago.

IMG 8942It began like this.  Coffee filters, coloured water, and a plastic dropper out, creative table-style.  Simply left out for her to discover and explore when she felt up to it.

IMG 8944Of course it didn’t take Grae long to find a table full of fun materials to experiment with.  Without hesitation, she began using her dropper to slurp up coloured water and spew it back out on the filters.

IMG 8960She really loved watching how the colours spread and mixed with one another.

IMG 8969So much in fact, that she fully covered upwards of 30 separate filters.  Thank goodness for a big laundry drying rack!  We placed the filters on the rack in our solarium, and they dried in no time.

IMG 9528After tucking them away for several days, we came home from the beach today {some of us still sporting our bathing suits and sandy fingernails} and dug them out for a quick pre-nap project.  We also gathered a pair of scissors, some long green pipe cleaners, and some short colourful pipe cleaners (regular pipe cleaners cut into thirds).

IMG 9530To transform our beautiful watercolour-y filters into flowers, we started by carefully folding them in half three times. 

IMG 9532Then Grae would give me some sort of petal description (‘long and skinny!’, ‘pokey like the rose bush!’, ‘big, big, big, big, BIIIIIIIG!’, and ‘you know…..like….ummmm….like the little circle circle ones?’ were a few) and I’d cut the curved edge to match.  I also snipped the very tip of the point off at this point too.

IMG 9534Then came her very favourite part – carefully unfolding the cut filter to reveal its shape.

IMG 9560IMG 9561Here are a few of the other shapes we came up with together.

IMG 9538Next, Grae would pick a small pipe cleaner, bend over the top so it was no longer pokey, and place the bottom through the tiny hole in the centre of the filter.

IMG 9539Then she’d bring the filter up around the pipe cleaner and pinch it at the base.

IMG 9567While she held it tightly, I’d wrap a long green pipe cleaner around the filter and short pipe cleaner to form the stem.

IMG 9568Fun, right?

IMG 9546Every flower turned out completely different from the last…

IMG 9571And by the end we had a beautiful bouquet of colourful flowers perfect for the mantle, a table centrepiece, or a Mother’s Day gift. 


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Mother’s Day, Just Me and My Girl

With Bradley at work again this Mother’s Day, my little lady and I got to have a special day, just the two of us.  It started out with a low-key morning of puzzles, stories, and tickles at home while sipping tea and slowly getting ready for our day.

When we were good and ready, we ventured out to do something we rarely ever do – eat out, just the two of us.  We went to Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company, a little restaurant on Main Street that is carbon neutral and offers an organic menu.  Despite the fact that it was incredibly busy and they could have used another server, we loved it.  The menu was filled with local, organic foods, their juices were fresh-squeezed, they gave Gracen crayons and a colouring page (which she was thrilled about), and there was a kids’ corner, complete with two wooden play kitchens, several tiny aprons, and an assortment of pots, pans, and felt food.  We ordered an organic fresh-squeezed orange juice (Grae even got a few sips and loved it this time around) and a Bradner Farms flatbread pizza, topped with local organic free-range chicken, nut-free pesto, roasted red bell peppers, and red onions.  It was a delish.  And to top it off – all moms got a complimentary fudge brownie topped with fresh whipped cream, raspberry coulis, and mint leaves…  Who could ask for more?

IMG 2720IMG 2722IMG 2724IMG 2728After lunch, we headed home for Gracen’s nap.  She slumbered peacefully while I prepped and packed for day two at the beach.  When she awoke a couple hours later, we climbed into the car and made our way to Spanish Banks for another beach adventure.  The afternoon passed quickly as we frolicked in the sand, splashed in the water, and collected all sorts of drift wood, and before we knew it, it was time to head home for dinner, bath time, and bedtime. IMG 2742IMG 2746IMG 2747IMG 2750IMG 2754IMG 2759IMG 2768IMG 2775IMG 2777IMG 2782

Although I’ve already had the perfect day with my wee one, tomorrow we get to do it all over again, as Brad is off and we’ve officially marked the day as our family Mother’s Day.  Bring on more beach time any day!

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Happy Mother’s Day, Grandmas!

Happy Mother s Day GrandmasGracen sends her love to all of her wonderful “manmaws”…

Grandma Sue, Grandma Charlotte, Great Grandma Routhier, Baba, and Great Grandma Shirley, we’re thinking of you today.


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Mama to this Little Beauty

I am so ridiculously lucky to be called Mama by this little lady each day…IMG 2643

IMG 2664

IMG 2674IMG 2646IMG 2671IMG 2694IMG 2696

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