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Moving Fun for Miss G

Simple Ways to Keep Kids Happily Engaged During a Move | Mama Papa BubbaIn order to get through our move, Miss G spent a lot of time playing independently, which is difficult when the majority of your things are packed and life as you know it is being turned upside-down in front of your eyes.  In order to make things a little bit easier for her, each day that we spent packing, I’d set out a couple of very simple invitations to play with whatever was around at the time.  I have to say, she handled the situation very well and even created a few fun activities of her own.  Here’s some of what our little lady did last week…

BubblesAdd a few taped-together straws to some homemade bubble solution!

Sink playThere are endless possibilities when it comes to sink play.  See some of our favourites here.

Box fortsFlip a large box on its side, add a pillow and blanket, and you’ve got a cozy little space to curl up in.  Miss G also brought markers and chalk inside of hers and decorated the walls.

Pool noodle blocksSlice up a pool noodle and you’ve got fun, inexpensive, and *silent* building blocks.  See some other ways to use them here.

Straw beadsChop up some straws, find a piece of string, and you’ve got an engaging beading station.

Drawing on butcher paperA large piece of brown paper taped onto the ground is the perfect canvas for all sorts of artwork.

Fresh mint playIf you’ve got some fresh herbs growing in the yard, this is a breeze to set up.  Add some scissors, bowls, and water, and scented ‘soup’ will be rolling out of the herb kitchen in no time.

BathsWho says you have to be dirty to have a bath?  Pop your babe in the bathtub and you can get all kinds of work done in the bathroom.

Peek a booA cardboard box + tissue paper = ridiculous amounts of fun.

Cloud dough8 parts white flour, 1 part oil (baby oil and vegetable oil both work great), and a whole lot of fun

Popcorn shopAll that’s needed is a bowl of popcorn and some paper bags!  {See more here.}

Play dough and silicon mouldsWhether it’s  with play dough (in this case gingerbread play dough), coloured rice, water beads, or another sensory material, silicon moulds are always a huge hit in our house.

Packing peanutsPacking peanuts in a bin… That’s all.  Gracen created this sensory bin, then took off her dress and dove in. 

StickersStickers and a big piece of brown paper.  Simple fun.

PhotoSimple matching games made with dot stickers.  We’ve done this forever with doodles, shapes, numbers, and letters and Miss G never gets enough.

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iPhoneography // Moving On…

IMG 2714Only 5 days to pack and a ton to do.

IMG 2650A going away gift. We have the very sweetest friends.

IMG 2639Progress…

IMG 2638All of the toys, books, games, and puzzles Gracen will have in Kuwait are in these two bins.

IMG 27282 a.m. and finally feeling good enough about the progress made to go to sleep before picking up the moving truck the next morning.

IMG 2733Loading day.

IMG 2739Nearly finished.

IMG 2738A sad final dinner in her 2nd home… A towel as a picnic blanket, a bento box for a plate, a spoon borrowed from the downstairs tenants, not a vegetable in sight.

PhotoFarewell, little house.

IMG 2756Halfway through the 6 hour drive back to the Okanagan.

IMG 2761An hour away from our destination and dinner is served…  In a car seat.  Sardined between bins.


Whew!  What a week it’s been.  I’ve got to say that moving is probably one of my least favourite things to do ever.  Several Christmases ago, my brother and I sat down with a pen and paper and listed off all of the houses we’ve lived in in our lifetimes and if I’m correct, this move will be my 52nd.  Oy.  I must say, it does get easier…  Moving frequently has caused me to really think about what I hang onto and in most cases, if I haven’t used something within the last few months, I’ll happily give it away, recycle it, or get rid of it rather than moving it just so it can collect dust somewhere new.  That being said, moving with a toddler {and only 5 days to pack an entire house} is not, in any way, easy.  Gracen was wonderful through it all, but it was definitely tough.  Between trying to be an engaged parent, keeping up with making healthy, homemade meals, attending final play dates and outings, and packing everything into boxes while a curious little somebody wants to take everything out, I felt spread thin to  say the least.  Sleep was even less plentiful than normal, which means patience was too. Buuuuuut, thanks to a lot of help from Brad’s parents in the final two days, we did it.  We packed everything up into a moving truck {and two vehicles}, scrubbed down the house, handed over our keys, and said goodbye to the little old house that has been our home for the last two years {since we arrived home from our first stint in Kuwait}.  Now we’re in the Okanagan for the next few weeks until our big, BIG move and I’m happy to report that we should be able to get the bulk of our stuff sorted/stored/put away this morning.  Here’s to a little bit of downtime before our next adventure begins!

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So Long…

Screen Shot 2013 07 31 at 9 26 20 PM

Today we finished packing and cleaning and said goodbye to our home in Vancouver.  I’d been so focused on accomplishing all of the tasks on my to do list that I hadn’t taken the time to think about about how much I’ll miss our little old house – the one in which our baby girl learned to walk, where she learned to talk, where she said so long to diapers, where she graduated to a big girl bed, and so many other important things…  It all hit me when she walked into her empty bedroom for the final time, called out, “Goodbye, room!”, and then leaned into the wall with big open arms and gave it a kiss.  Ugh. Tears.

They snuck up on me again as I took this final photo of her on our front porch, ringing the doorbell as she always does, just one last time.

So long, little house in East Vancouver.  Big changes are ahead…

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Joy Amongst the Chaos

Thank goodness for tiny moments of joy amongst the chaos.

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Dear Gracen

My Darling Little Girl,

As your mama, my job is to help you live a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life.  Of course, this means making many decisions on your behalf, especially now while you’re so little.  Some of them, like making your sleep a family priority or ensuring your body is nourished with healthy, wholesome foods, are easy.  They’re inarguably what’s best for you and they’re worth every extra penny and every bit of extra effort.  Other decisions are not as simple…

For the last few months, your papa and I have been talking about one of those kind of decisions.  One of the ones that don’t come as easily.  We’ve weighed our options and made the lists.  We’ve discussed it with your grandparents and talked about it time and again…  And after all of it, we have some big news, Baby Girl…

We’re moving.  

And not a little move…  

We’re moving back to the Middle East.  

Back to Kuwait.

Now I know you might be thinking, didn’t we leave there only a year and a half ago? Didn’t you guys choose to come home to Canada not that long ago?  And you’re right, sweet girl.  We did.  At the time, you were still so wee and had only had a chance to spend a few short weeks with your grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  We knew we needed to get you home to get to know your family members and develop those relationships.  And you have.  We’ve spent the last year and a half camping with your cousins, spending holidays with your grandparents, and experiencing all of the wonderful things that come with being a Canadian…  From brightly coloured autumn leaves, to ice skating, to a backyard garden full of veggies and hills of fluffy white snow.  It’s been wonderful, Lovey.

But soon enough, we’ll say goodbye to this little life we’ve worked hard to build in this beautiful city and begin anew.  We’ll carefully pack all of our essentials, make the 36 hour trek we’ve come to know well, and set up our new life overseas in our second home.  It’s bound to be full of challenges, and yes, our families will be far away, but Sweetpea, it’s going to be wonderful.  There’ll be new friends, old friends, constant warm weather (sometimes so hot we won’t know what to do with ourselves), days spent at the Hilton, and travel adventures throughout the seasons.  I can’t wait for you to meet the kids we’ll live with,  for us to play in the courtyard each afternoon, to take you back to Dubai, and spend our first real European Christmas as a family (I promise we’ll make it further than the Frankfurt airport this time around).  We’ll walk through the sand to the bacala in the afternoons, we’ll close up our apartment when the dust storms roll around, and we’ll cool ourselves in kiddie pools filled with cold water when the heat becomes too much.  There’s bound to be days…  Days when your papa and I  become frustrated with living in a country so different than the one we grew up in, but it’ll all be alright.  The three of us will be together and as cliché as it sounds, that’s truly all we need.

You don’t know all of this just yet…  Seven months is still a long ways away and the concept of time is a hard one when you’re two years old.  We’ll talk all about it this summer when the packing and prepping begins, and it’ll quickly become clear that big adventures are headed our way.  But until then, Baby Girl, my promise to you is that your papa and I will do everything we can to ensure that you spend your days happy, healthy, and thriving, no matter where we are in this great big world. 

Love you always and forever,



Homehanging out at home  //  our apartment  //  your nursery

Mahboulaadventuring in mahboula  //  courtyard afternoon  //  a walk to the bacala

Hiltonpoolside  //  hilton baby  //  on the shore of the gulf

Fahaheelon a wild ride  //  boxing day walk along the gulf  //  fahaheel lunch

Egaila  Airporta walk along the gulf in egaila  //  waiting at the kuwait airport  //  evening at egaila park


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iPhoneography // Long Distance Chat

FaceTime‘hello?’  //  cousin Kinslee

girl talk  //  funny faces with Uncle Gary

Tonight Uncle Gary called and after not so successfully talking to Grae on the phone (he couldn’t hear a thing), he suggested a FaceTime chat.  It was so adorable to watch Miss G and her cousin Kins chat, sing songs, and show each other things through the magic of technology.  And though it will take some planning with the huge time difference, I’m so thankful we have this with our impending move.


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