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Backyard Hammock

IMG 9767IMG 9770IMG 9769IMG 9776After an easy breezy 6 hour road trip up to the Okanagan (seriously, this new colouring obsession is pretty awesome, especially during car trips) we arrived to Brad’s parents place where a new hammock was waiting to be set up.  Gracen helped her Papa put it together and they jumped in immediately afterwards.  These photos I was able to catch are some of my new favourites.


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I Spy…

IMG 7773One of Miss G’s favourite things ever is visiting Papa at school.  We went to pick him up from work tonight, and after playing in the woods for a while, Grae and Bradley took ‘the secret way’ out.  Up on the regular path, I spied this.  


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On Papa

While doing her hair this morning:

Gracen: Papa’s a niiiice guy, Mama.  Funny guy too.  Papa says ‘booyah’ and ‘dude’.

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What Happens When Papa’s Home…

IMG 2452IMG 2453IMG 2454Oh my word – this just kills me.

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iPhoneography // Papa’s Girl

IMG 7268Gracen is normally pretty much a Mama’s girl, but on days like today, she wants nothing more than to be with her Papa. (All.day.long.)

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A Halloween Visit to Papa’s School

IMG 1274It’s been a busy day for us so far… After an early morning visit to SweetSalt Baked Goods & Playscapes for coffee, fresh bread, and ghost cookies made with organic flour and pumpkin, and a Halloween celebration at Strong Start, we headed to Bradley’s school for a little visit.  

IMG 1277Gracen was so excited to visit her Papa and show him the treat bag she’d made at school and even more excited to go from one classroom to the next, popping in to say hello to all of the lovely teachers.

IMG 1280What she wasn’t excited about, however, was leaving without Papa in tow.  Poor little lady cried her most pitiful cry and ran back to Papa twice after already saying goodbye and escaping Mama’s grasp. ☹

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Papa’s Home!

This little video is only 4 seconds long and I couldn’t love it more… Jammies, Crocs, and one very excited girl.

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Flying High

These two…

IMG 9056IMG 9057IMG 9058 ♥

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iPhoneography // Papa Play

Tonight, as I was finishing up dinner, I looked out the window to see this…

IMG 5392IMG 5391IMG 5393Gracen adores her Papa and they always find little things to do together that I would never think of (see photo number 2).  

As I was back at the stove, a little voice called into the house, “Mama, Mama! Clome!!  Grae Grae rolls.”  I went outside to see what all the excitement was about and received this demonstration…

These two.  They just kill me.

Photos edited with Instagram. Find me under jkossowan.

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Father’s Day

IMG 5016Sadly, Bradley has to work today…  But since we’re headed home to the Okanagan at the end of the week, we’ve set aside a day to celebrate our own little Father’s Day while we’re there.  Grae and I did manage to sneak out of the house this morning  (in pajamas and gumboots no less) at 6:30 a.m. to retrieve Papa’s favourite hot drink and breakfast treat from our local cafe/bakery.  We stayed a while, allowing Brad to sleep in, and when he awoke, he was very confused to find us at the table with our goodies all laid out.  Yay for little surprises.

Happy Father’s Day, to the best Papa Miss G could ask for.

We love you!

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