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I Spy…

IMG 7773One of Miss G’s favourite things ever is visiting Papa at school.  We went to pick him up from work tonight, and after playing in the woods for a while, Grae and Bradley took ‘the secret way’ out.  Up on the regular path, I spied this.  


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At Papa’s School

IMG 5722One of the most anticipated events in the life of Miss G?  Visiting Papa’s school.  And I mean it’s right up there with going for bicycle rides, having friends over to play, and special baking projects.  Swing by the school to quickly pick-up Papa and continue along the way? You’ll very likely have a slightly insulted little lady on your hands.  

IMG 5723Needless to say, today’s visit to watch a game of basketball and have a few minutes of Kid Pix time was a total hit.  Gracen made some big friends during the game, she was oohed and ahhed over by all of the girls, and she got to march around the school like she was a full-time student.


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A Halloween Visit to Papa’s School

IMG 1274It’s been a busy day for us so far… After an early morning visit to SweetSalt Baked Goods & Playscapes for coffee, fresh bread, and ghost cookies made with organic flour and pumpkin, and a Halloween celebration at Strong Start, we headed to Bradley’s school for a little visit.  

IMG 1277Gracen was so excited to visit her Papa and show him the treat bag she’d made at school and even more excited to go from one classroom to the next, popping in to say hello to all of the lovely teachers.

IMG 1280What she wasn’t excited about, however, was leaving without Papa in tow.  Poor little lady cried her most pitiful cry and ran back to Papa twice after already saying goodbye and escaping Mama’s grasp. ☹

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The Woods

Brad has officially left the tech world (for now at least), and is back to teaching (yay!)  Lucky for Grae, that’s meant several recent visits to Papa’s new school.  Her absolute favourite part? Exploring its magical forest and discovering new playgrounds, teepees, stages, stump seats, and hideaways. 

IMG 9334IMG 9347IMG 9345
IMG 9357 Oh. And practicing her stellar yoga moves in the woods.

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