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An Evening at the Park

IMG 0023IMG 0032What summer vacation is all about…


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IMG 8664IMG 8668Another skipped nap for Grae. Another busy day for Mama.  Another late night at work for Brad…

Another picnic in the park, more zip lining, and a little girl fast asleep at 6:30 p.m. once again. ☺


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An Evening Picnic

IMG 8646IMG 8644IMG 8650IMG 8658With Brad working on the school’s yearend production until 9 or 10 p.m. most nights this week and me preparing for an upcoming craft market each night into the wee hours, it’s bound to be one heck of a week. Unfortunately, Miss G didn’t help me out any today when she decided to not nap either. (Yesterday we got stuck in a huge traffic mess on the way home from a play date out in the burbs and by the time we arrived home, we’d already missed the nap window by quite a lot.  Sadly, one missed nap throws our very routine little lady way off sometimes.)  My solution to a potentially chaotic and grumpy afternoon?  Stealing Papa away from work for an hour and a half, picking up dinner at a local deli, and pairing an evening picnic with loads of fresh air and playground time.  And I’m happy to report that it worked like a gem.  Brad was back at school in plenty of time, the outdoors prevented our little lady from slipping into a case of the overtired crazies, and this mama got a teeny bit of afternoon downtime, something I desperately need.


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Saturday Morning in Stanley Park

A perfect way to start the weekend… A Stanley Park play date with some girlfriends. ☺

IMG 8270Saucer sharing.

IMG 8278The magic of bubbles.

IMG 8284A giant microphone for a little performer.

IMG 8289“Hello Goose!  How you doing today?  You wanna see my flower???”


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My Favourite Kind of Morning

IMG 7919IMG 7922IMG 7927IMG 7937This morning was my favourite kind.  Gracen woke up just past 7, we snuggled in bed until we were good and ready to start the day, and we made our way to the kitchen.  She sat on her toddler bench gobbling up wholewheat pancakes with peanut butter, and I threw a mix of green veggies and frozen fruit into the blender with a splash of cold water.  After breakfast, we gathered a blanket, a book, our smoothies and headed off for an adventure in the wagon. I snuck in some exercise by choosing the hilliest routes and made sure to pass by a park so Grae could have a good long play.  Afterwards we made our way to a local coffee shop where Grae slurped up a warm milk and I enjoyed my first iced coffee of the year.  Before heading home, I pulled the wagon {and my little love} through our local market and we filled it up with fresh fruits and veggies. She helped herself to bananas and clementines on the way home, and I enjoyed the sunshine, cool wind, and cherry blossoms overhead.  It was a good day.


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Cook Street Playground

This morning Miss G and I walked over to Cook Street where we met up with my good friend Laura, her adorable little lady, Avey, and their teeny tiny dog, Cocoa.  Before walking along Dallas Road, we started off our visit at the newly updated Cook Street Playground, which is honestly one of the best playgrounds we’ve been to.  It was such a huge hit with Gracen that we stayed longer than planned the first time around, then went back after nap time and spent another couple of hours there.  

IMG 7016IMG 6958IMG 6956IMG 6977IMG 6972IMG 6954IMG 6982IMG 6979The park boasts several different play structures, a rope climbing apparatus, a couple of different swing sets, a giant slide, and an open-mouthed dinosaur-esque creature which is perfect for climbing on.

IMG 6963But the one thing all of the kiddos were after?  This green chair swing.  Grae seriously stood next to it for over 15 minutes patiently waiting for her first turn.  Luckily when we came back later, the park was less busy and Miss G got several turns in.

IMG 6997IMG 7000The other amazing thing about this playground is it’s huge zip line.  Grae was all for testing it out at first, became a little anxious when she got to the front of the line, and then loved it once she gave it a shot.  She enjoyed the ride several times, and Papa may have snuck in a turn too. ☺

IMG 7009IMG 6980Of course there are features to please the love-to-spin crowd too (barf – how do kids do it?) Plus there are bathrooms nearby, park benches to relax on, picnic tables to eat at, a water fountain, and an adult fitness circuit too. 

This playground is such a great find and a must-visit if you’re in Victoria with little ones… Not to mention that it’s conveniently tucked between the Cook Street Village (coffee!) and the beautiful seaside walking path along Dallas Road.  I’m just sad that it’s not in Vancouver!

If you’re new to Mama.Papa.Bubba., welcome!

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Trimble Park

IMG 6486While we have many favourite playgrounds around Vancouver (like this one, this one, this one, and this one), both Gracen and I love discovering new ones to add to our list.  Especially since come spring, we spend most mornings out at a park or playground of some sort.  

So after a quick peek around the web, the three of us (yay for weekends!) packed up some lunch and headed out to West Point Grey Park, which was spoken of very highly by fellow Vancouver parents.  

IMG 6487Upon arriving, I realized that although the park was new to us, I’d been there countless times before with the children I nannied throughout my university (and beginning teaching) days.  I guess I should have made the realization based on the area and park address, but whole ‘West Point Grey Park’ title threw me off.  I, and everyone I’ve ever heard speak of the park, have always called it Trimble Park.  Who knew its actual name was something different?!  

IMG 6486Name confusion aside, this park was a lot of fun back in the day, and is even better due to some recent (or at least semi-recent) additions.  

IMG 6503Included are three separate play structures (2 big ones and a teeny tiny one for very little ones), 6 slides, 2 sets of swings (baby, toddler, and regular included), a tire swing, hanging bars, a teeter-totter, and lots of space for playing in the sand and rocks.

IMG 6492IMG 6494A fun addition since my last visit is this rock climbing wall.  Though still needing a tiny bit of assistance, Gracen loved climbing up and liked hanging out on top with all of the big kids even more.

IMG 6499The other thing I love about this park is the natural play areas.  This little cove of trees was a favourite of the kids I nannied, and Grae loves it too.  She’s hiding here.  Can’t you tell?

IMG 6502To top it all off, the park has basketball courts, soccer fields, and baseball diamonds, plus public washrooms (warm water and soap included!)

Another great park to add to our favourites list.  ☺


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Sunshine & Stanley Park

Brrrrr!  This morning we bundled up and headed down to Second Beach in Stanley Park to enjoy the sunshine.  It was absolutely freezing and the wind was so strong that my ears felt like they were on fire from the cold, but Miss G didn’t mind one bit.  She had two new playgrounds to explore and discover, plus many, many warm layers, so the cold was the last of her worries.  

Here’s our morning in photographs…

IMG 5833Bundled up for the cold.

IMG 5838Super excited.

IMG 5845‘I thought we were just having a leisurely swing, Papa?’

IMG 5856‘Everyone hold on!’

IMG 5851Mama and G.

IMG 5857Slide race!

IMG 5868The perfect hiding spot.

IMG 5871Moccasin feet.

IMG 5876‘Uh, Papa?  What are you doing?’

IMG 5873Wheeeee!


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Riding Riverside

IMG 5393IMG 5394IMG 5398IMG 5404IMG 5406IMG 5418After a morning downtown and a nap at home, we headed down to the River District to finish off the day with one last dose of fresh air.  Tricycle riding, dog watching, playground jumping ensued, and quacking at ducks ensued.


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iPhoneography // Sunday Funday

Sunday Fundaya trip to the bookstore  //  magical stickers

pizza for two  //  lunch with a view

aboard the Canada Line  //  I spy two of my people

riding riverside  //  driftwood park


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