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Sunday Family Social & Gym

IMG 3867Today Grae and I decided to check out the Sunday Family Social held at Hillcrest Centre.  It’s just like the regular Play Gym sessions they usually host throughout the week, but with more kids and more daddies.

IMG 3872They also have a “quiet play & snack room” where they provide healthy snacks for the little ones and coffee and tea for moms and dads.

IMG 3874Gracen had a lovely time with the other kids and it was nice to find something new to do on the weekends.  We’ll definitely be back.

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Christmas Eve’s Eve

IMG 3221This morning Gracen proudly took her Grandma Charlotte and Grandpa Dave to the last Play Gym session of the year to show them what’s it’s all about…

IMG 3223She had to show them how she and her Papa drive the little pink Plasma Car, of course!

IMG 3226As soon as we got home, she slipped into her favourite purple sneakers and donned her Mardi Gras-esque beads.  She’s fashion forward like that.  She doesn’t look too happy in this photo, but rest assured that she quite enjoys sitting in bins while being slid across our tile floors.  It’s almost always her idea.

IMG 3227Later in the day, still wearing her purple sneaks and beads, but with sunglasses now added to the mix, she tried pistachios for the first time.  It was love at first bite.

IMG 3228Doesn’t get much cooler than this, now does it?

IMG 3231Our evening included skirt-less love for a diaper-less Bubba…

IMG 3236And relaxing by our very dead Christmas tree.  Not quite sure what we did wrong, but it’s been that way for almost a week now.  It gets more and more droopy / sad looking each day, so let’s just hope it holds out until Christmas.

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Growing Up

IMG 3081I’m not quite sure what happened here, but today we went to Play Gym up at Sunset after missing it last week, and suddenly my little lady can do all kinds of things she couldn’t do last time we were there…

IMG 3070Today she was getting in and out of the little cars without any help…

IMG 3075Positioning herself in front of the slide and sending herself down all by herself…

IMG 3077And got down off of the trampoline on her own…  How did this happen so quickly?

IMG 3069And yes, I am completely aware of the fact that my one year old looks like she dressed herself…  In fact, she sort of did.  Every morning when we get ready for the day, I pick out part of her outfit and she picks out the remaining items.  I had already picked the striped leggings and teal cardigan this morning, but the problem was that there weren’t many viable t-shirt options.  As much as I hoped she’d pick the plain white tee, she opted for the canary yellow one instead.  And don’t even get me started on the purple dotted shoes.  She’s in loooove with these shoes right now.  Most days she wears them around the house too and cries when I tell her that they have to come off for nap time, so there was no convincing her that other shoes might better suit this outfit. 🙂

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Play Gym at Hillcrest

IMG 2704

Today we decided to try something new and headed down to Hillcrest Centre to try out their Play Gym morning…

IMG 2714The Hillcrest gym is really beautiful.  It’s surrounded with giant windows on three sides, with one looking out onto a giant field, one looking out onto the curling rink, and the other looking out onto the skating rink.

IMG 2708

Clearly Grae enjoyed spying down at people.

IMG 2712

And although there was lots of new equipment to try, there were many of her old Sunset Centre favourites too.  We’ll definitely be back.

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