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Rainy Day Splatter Painting

Rainy Day Splatter Painting | Mama Papa BubbaWhile living in a city that gets as much rain as Vancouver does can be a little deflating some days, I know that we’ll miss it dearly once we’re back in the sandy desert.  So instead of letting the past week of rain keep us indoors today, we decided to get out and enjoy it.  After a morning walk and a long play at the park before lunch, we decided to head back outside this afternoon.  We brought along with us a baking sheet, some liquid food colouring (the neon kind), and some white construction paper to do an easy and fun art activity… Rain splatter painting!

IMG 8367To get started, Gracen laid a piece of construction paper down on the baking sheet and fully enjoyed dropping splots of food colouring all over it.

IMG 8370Once she had the food colouring exactly how she wanted it, we simply let the rain do its job.  At this point, it was raining quite hard, so the splatter effect happened quickly.  Grae loved watching the colours pop up off the page and land back down on the page in little dots.  At some point during the process, she’d say “This one is done!” and we’d pop it inside the house to dry and grab another sheet of paper to splatter.

IMG 8376The end result is beautiful, splotchy, watercolour-esque paintings, just like this one.  Fun, right?


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iPhoneography // Embracing the Rain

Embracing the RainSometimes you’ve just got to throw your rain jacket and gumboots over you footie jammies, get outside, and enjoy the pouring rain.

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Cousin Vanessa’s Wedding Day

Today, Brad’s cousin, Vanessa, got married right here on the family farm. As much as we spent our morning wishing and hoping that the rain would would not grace us with its presence, it did. All. day. long.  So when 2:30 rolled around, we made our way down the long gravel driveway with golf umbrellas, trying our best to get out of the way of incoming cars and minimize the amount of mud entering our shoes.  While I arrived at the wedding with puddle-filled shoes and mud in between my toes, Miss G arrived, clean, dry, and warm.  IMG 5460IMG 5465Just as we were asked to take our {hay bail} seats, something miraculous happened… The rain stopped. It couldn’t have been more perfect.  We enjoyed a beautiful short and sweet ceremony, while Grae gobbled down a container full of raspberries, a mandarin orange, and part of an apple (hungry girl!)IMG 5467IMG 5473IMG 5481IMG 5486After the ceremony was complete, we enjoyed a few minutes without rain.  Gracen explored the yard and checked out the playhouse, and we were able to snap photos of her with her Great Grandpa Leo and Manmaw.IMG 5494IMG 5496But sadly, the dryness was short-lived. The rain started coming down in full force once again, and the crowds rushed under the dinner tent to take cover.  Gracen did really well with being trapped in her seat and happily coloured, read, and enjoyed more snacks, but with a 3 hour break until dinner and very little space to move, we headed back to Manmaw’s house an hour in to work off some energy before dinner.IMG 5499We arrived back just as they were starting to call tables for dinner, and Grae kept busy with jam towers while we waited for our turn.IMG 5501IMG 5512It rained on and off during dinner and dessert (apple fritters – delish!), but whenever it let up, we’d take Gracen out for some exploring time.IMG 5516IMG 5522IMG 5523IMG 5525IMG 5527IMG 5529IMG 5532She was having a great time picking at the hay bails and smelling the flowers, until she saw another little guest wearing a polar bear hat, that is.  After that, it was straight to the photo booth to check out the props.  And they were awesome.  With each new hat, she’d ask me to take her photo so that she could see it on the camera display.  IMG 5539Unfortunately, we had to leave before the speeches and slideshow began (two of my favourite parts), but bedtime was calling.  Congrats, Vanessa and Cody!

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