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Backyard Hammock

IMG 9767IMG 9770IMG 9769IMG 9776After an easy breezy 6 hour road trip up to the Okanagan (seriously, this new colouring obsession is pretty awesome, especially during car trips) we arrived to Brad’s parents place where a new hammock was waiting to be set up.  Gracen helped her Papa put it together and they jumped in immediately afterwards.  These photos I was able to catch are some of my new favourites.


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A Regular Day with Grae

IMG 5090


IMG 5093Morning reading.

IMG 5101Serious colouring.

IMG 5108The Rainbow Fish on storylineonline.net.

IMG 5114Errands, round one.

IMG 5116Usual post-nap scene.  A cozy blanket, books, and a little snack.

IMG 5123Errands, round two.

(On a side note, we can’t go to Superstore without going to see this little duck.  He’s been the only duck amongst a crowd of bears since we moved to Vancouver 6 months ago, and Grae loves him. Every time we walk through the doors, she starts signing ‘duck, please’ and proceeds to point you in the right direction.  We stop by, she visits with him, and that’s that.  Not quite sure what we’ll do when the duck eventually finds a home one day…)

IMG 5128Crayon transferring.

IMG 5136Messy dinner.

IMG 5139Pre-bedtime apple.

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Itty Bitty Bookworm

IMG 3857This is how our little lady can be found during the quiet moments of the day…

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Perfectly Content

IMG 3630For Gracen, life doesn’t get much better than this…  She’s got all of her very favourite things at once – a pillow, blanket, book, and a bowl of seeds and nuts (or as she calls them, “rarahs”).  Life is good.


Sharing is Caring

IMG 3576Gracen is very certain about what she wants and between talking and signing, she usually knows exactly how to get it.  This morning, she was just laying on her pillow reading some books when she asked me to help her take off her pajama top.  Once I did, she politely insisted that the top be put on her Cabbage Patch doll.  She was very persistent and when it was fully on and buttoned up, she sunk into her pillow, dolly cuddled closely, like all was right with the world once again.  Weird little munchkin…  Where does she get this stuff?


Teething. Our Old Friend.

IMG 3585This little trooper doesn’t seem to get much of a break in between bouts of teething.  It seems like we just finished with her 4 molars a few days ago, and we’re already moving onto her canines.  To date, Grae has 12 teeth fully in and numbers 13 and 14 (her upper canines) are well on their way.

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Bed Love

IMG 3416Brad and I were extremely spoiled this Christmas.  And I mean EXTREMELY.  One of our many gifts included a new bed frame with built in storage drawers, new sheets, new pillows, and a new duvet set.  Our new set up is ah-mazing and Grae thinks so too.  As soon as she enters our room, she wants to be lifted up onto the bed (it’s too tall for her to get up on her own now) so that she can roll around and smush her face into the pillows and blankets.  It’s a lot like watching a dog roll around and rub themselves on the grass, only cuter.  🙂



IMG 3092Moments like this are so rare for our little busy body that they must be documented…


Book Obsessed

IMG 3002Have I mentioned lately how obsessed with books this little one is?  If at any point during the day things get quiet around here, I almost always find Grae snuggled in a little corner with a pillow and a pile of books.  Today she discovered my Mr. Man and Little Miss book collection and from that point on, she carried at least one of them with her at all times. This Mama couldn’t be more thrilled that she has a little bookworm in the making.  🙂

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