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Steveston, Pajo’s, & a First

IMG 2667

If there’s one thing we’ve been doing more of this month, it’s definitely eating out.  Normally, we eat out very rarely, but with our days filled with packing, sorting, organizing, and keeping little hands busy so they’re not digging in already packed boxes, we’ve been giving ourselves a break lately and eating some of our meals out.  Not only does mean that I don’t have to cook and that Brad doesn’t have to do dishes, but it also gives us all a much needed break from being indoors.IMG 0467

Tonight, Brad suggested that we head down to Steveston for fish and chips, which I thought was brilliant.  I’ve been meaning to take Miss G down to the oceanfront village forever and just haven’t gotten around to it, and with the weather as beautiful as it was today, it was the perfect place to enjoy some evening sunshine.IMG 0471

We arrived in Steveston, found parking, and headed straight to Pajo’s, which is pretty much an institution when it comes to fish and chips in the Lower Mainland.
IMG 0481

Miss G and I scouted out a table while Brad headed off to order our dinner, and before long, he returned with this…  2 large halibut and chip orders with fresh lemon and tatar sauce.  To say that it was delicious would be an understatement.  It was so good in fact, that I ate more than I should have, even though Grae and I shared and then gave a good portion of our food to Brad to eat.
IMG 0482Now if you know about our food philosophy when it come to feeding Miss G, you know that fried food like this isn’t something that happens usually.  But, with Pajo’s sourcing their ingredients locally {and my moving exhaustion}, we decided to make an exception just for tonight.  In fact, we even let her taste her very first french fry (*gasp!*)

IMG 0485

She of course loved it, so we let her choose two more, and that was it.  (Years ago I heard some crazy stat like ‘60% of North American kids’ first vegetable is french fries’ and whether it’s true or not, I think it may have scarred me for life.)IMG 0493Afterwards, we enjoyed a lovely walk along the boardwalk and checked out many of the fishing boats selling fresh seafood.

IMG 0490

It was the perfect way to end another busy day, and I can already say that I can’t wait to do it again next summer.IMG 0488

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Iona Beach

IMG 8536Today Miss G and I trudged off the beaten path a little to check out somewhere that’s been on my mental list for a very long while now… Iona Beach.   Nestled in a quiet area out beside the Vancouver Airport, Iona Beach is definitely unique.  After you pass the farms lining the airport runway, you come to Iona Beach Regional Park, a piece of rural heaven just outside of the city.

IMG 8494Now I must admit that there were some very serious tears when we got out of the car and Miss G realized that this beach was not the awesome playground-having beach she’s used to visiting.  Our saving grace, however, was this lookout tower that was cool enough to {at least semi} make up for the disappointment. 

IMG 8499While there were tons of swampy beach areas to explore, we opted  to head out for a walk on the park’s jetty.

Plane Watching at Iona BeachWe were definitely the odd ones out in a community of bird watchers and dog walkers (every single person we passed had a dog or binoculars and/or a camera with a giant zoom), but what we really loved was the plane watching!  They were amazingly close and basically came one after the next.

IMG 8524IMG 8521The other fascination during our jetty walk was with potato bugs.  I’m not sure if Grae has seen these much in the past, but they were plentiful and she certainly loved them.  

IMG 8515What I didn’t realize when I suggested we check out the jetty was that it was 4.5 kms long!  We made it a couple of kilometres out before Miss G called it quits and asked to turn around.  On the way back, there were definitely a few bouts of carrying, several sitting breaks, and even an attempt to crawl ‘because it’s easier for tired legs’.  (Note to self: bring the stroller next time!)

Next time the mood strikes to plane watch or take a long walk out into the ocean, we’ll definitely go back. If you’re in the area and want to visit, simply head to the airport, and before arriving to the terminal, take a right onto Templeton… You’ll run right into it!


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