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Because Sometimes You’ve Just Got to Go

IMG 9745We made our way home to the Okanagan this afternoon and I must say this little lady probably picked the best ever spot to need to pull over…  Peeing on the side of the highway isn’t that bad when it’s in a field of wild flowers.


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Headed Home

IMG 7621IMG 7624After an absolutely wonderful weekend in the Okanagan, we headed back to the Lower Mainland today…  Lucky for us, there was a midpoint performance in Merritt to reenergize us for the remainder of the trip.


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iPhoneography // Headed Home

IMG 8852IMG 8805IMG 8806IMG 8807

.until next time, Okanagan.

.a practice in patience.

.nearly home.

.celebrating with sushi.

Today we left the lovely Okanagan eager to get home, unpack our suitcases, and get back to life as usual…  This final leg of our Christmas holiday adventures made up hours 32 to 39.5 of our trek, and let me tell you, we were ready to be home.  While the first half of our trip was uneventful (other than the fact that the Connector was a skating rink), not long after passing the old toll booth centre, the traffic came to a standstill.  I find it easy to get impatient in these situations… Gracen had just fallen asleep moments before and it would have been incredibly lovely to gain some distance while enjoying an hour of silence, but that wasn’t in the cards for today.  An hour and a half later(long after she’d awoken from her slumber), we were still sitting in the middle of nowhere, now attempting to entertain a toddler strapped into her rear-facing seat.  Of course, we got through it.  When we did get moving again, we eventually passed an accident scene where an SUV had been crushed between the meridian and a semi truck.  And then it struck…  That mixed feeling of absolute sickness and pure gratefulness all at once. 


How lucky we are to have had the opportunity to wait.  How lucky we’re home safely after 3 weeks of winter road tripping.  We’re home safe and sound, and that’s all that matters.


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iPhoneography // Baba’s House

We’ve had such a lovely time at my Baba and Opa’s house the last couple of days…  Besides being a wonderful host, amazing cook, and very talented painter (giving us wall after wall of art to gaze at), she’s so, so great with Grae.  I swear she still has all of the patience, motivation, and creativity she did when my brother and I used to stay with her as kids, if not more.  She’s read books, played memory, fashioned doll clothes from scarves, crafted mini snow ladies from styrofoam and toothpicks, and served all of Grae’s drinks in fancy teacups and glass goblets since arriving a couple of days ago. She’s also given Grae full permission to roam and the four levels of their giant house as she pleases and swears “There’s nothing she can break.  And if she does break something, then great.  It’s one less thing I have to clean.”

IMG 8542Baba s HouseGracen absolutely adores her, and so do we.

Love you, Baba!

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iPhoneography // St. Paul in a Day

St Paul TripWhew.  It was a whirlwind, but GREAT day today.  This morning, we packed up the vehicle and made the trip up to St. Paul, the teeny tiny town that my mom, dad, brother, and I were all born in.  The roads were good, our little traveller was patient as ever, and the town was virtually unchanged.  In fact, the street lamps were still lined with the exact shooting star decorations that hung every holiday season of my childhood {which I kind of love}.  

First, we stopped off at my Gido’s place (my dad’s dad and Gracen’s ‘big Gido’) for a visit…  It had been quite a while since we last saw him, and we had a lovely visit.  He was absolutely amazed by all of the things Miss G can now do and together, they sang possibly the most heartwarming rendition of Rudloph the Red-Nosed Reindeer I’ve ever heard.  

Afterwards, we popped by my Grandma and Grandpa’s house (my mom’s parents) to see both them and my Auntie Lou.  By this time, we had long passed Grae’s nap time and the crazy overtired energy had kicked in, but it was wonderful to visit anyways.  Grandma and Grandpa had put together a big spread of food, Auntie Lou spoiled G with a bag full of clothes and activities (just like she did for me when I was little), and we chatted until it was time to hit the road back to Edmonton again.

Lucky for us, Gracen was sound asleep before we even turned out onto the highway and we enjoyed a big portion of our ride amidst a gorgeous sunset.

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iPhoneography // Edmonton Bound

On the Road AgainWe are so, so lucky to have good weather and an awesome little traveller.  Today we’re back on the road and headed to Edmonton to visit my Baba and Opa, as well as sneak in a quick trip to St. Paul to visit my other grandparents.  Fingers crossed it all goes well!

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iPhoneography // Cochrane Bound

On the Roadpacked up and ready to go // on the road

potty pitstop // Cochrane with cousins

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iPhoneography // Vacation Bound

IMG 4265We’re attempting my brother and sister-in-law’s famous travel-at-night-so-the-kids-sleep-in-the-car tactic tonight…  We’ve done Miss G’s bedtime routine as usual (dinner, bath, potty, jammies) and we’ve tucked her into her carseat with her usual bedtime blanket and bears just in time for her normal 6:30 bedtime.  Something tells me that our routine little lady won’t be zonking out any time soon, but we shall see…

Wish us luck!  Vacation, here we come!

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