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A Morning at Science World

I can’t even tell you how excited I was to win an annual family pass to Science World from Lisa at The Sprog and VanCity.  Knowing that we only have a few months left here in Vancouver, I am absolutely determined to make the most of the pass. (Rainy day? You know where we’ll be. ☺)   With our package arriving late yesterday afternoon, we headed off this morning for our first visit to Science World in a long time.  G had an absolute blast.

It was also a great spot for me to work on my new personal challenge… using my camera in manual mode only.  With Gracen excited as all get out, the first half of our stops being very dark, and the second half being very well lit,  there were more than enough challenges to try and work around.  Here are a few of my favourite shots…

IMG 9145IMG 9147IMG 9151IMG 9158IMG 9178IMG 9185IMG 9191


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Science World

This morning we braved the crazy torrential downpour / sleet / snow / hail combo Vancouver was receiving and spent the morning down at Science World with some friends we originally met in Kuwait, but who are also from the Lower Mainland.  Although a lot of it wasn’t really age-appropriate, my friend, Sue, is a regular there and knew exactly where to take the girls.  Gracen and Ava had a wonderful time exploring, playing, running, and splashing their way through the Eureka and Kidspace sections and by the end of it all, they had tired themselves out so completely that they were perfectly happy to climb in their strollers and be pushed out to the parking lot.  Here  are a few shots from our visit:

IMG 6347Greeted by a Lego horse and knight.

IMG 6351Splish splash.

IMG 6355Ball hoarder.

IMG 6352Watching the start of the snow.

IMG 6362One of Gracen’s favourites. (Mama’s too.)

IMG 6367Snow in full effect.

IMG 6371Loving the gears.

IMG 6375Tired and headed home.

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