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Valentine’s Slime Sensory Tray

Valentine s Day Slime Sensory TrayAfter putting together our ‘Will you be my Valen-slime?’ favours this afternoon, Miss G and I got out a few things and put together a really simple Valentine-themed slime sensory tray.

IMG 5176Slime is just one of those things that never gets old.  Miss G’s spent quite a lot of time playing with it in the past, but was every bit as thrilled to play with it again today.

IMG 5180Her favourite part of today’s set up was definitely the heart-shaped cookie cutters.  She’d imprint a bunch of hearts, watch them slowly melt away, and then loudly exclaim, “MAMA!  THEY DISAPPEARED!!” before making more.

IMG 5186My favourite part was that because this batch turned out just a tad firmer than our last, there was zero mess.  It didn’t stick to her hands, it didn’t goop up the bowls and kitchen utensils, and it didn’t cling to her clothes.  (A seemingly messy activity sans the mess = win!)

IMG 5184We left this out for most of the afternoon and evening, and Miss G came back to it again and again before it finally had to be sealed up just before dinner.  But before that happened, she wanted a guarantee that her tray and container of slime would be left out and ready for her to enjoy first thing the next morning.  

IMG 5193


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Valentine’s Day Slime Favours

Sparkly Valentine s Day Slime FavoursOkay, so not the most traditional of Valentine’s Day treats, but when you ask a two year old what she wants to give her friends for Valentine’s, you have to be open to the suggestions.  And those just happen to be heart wands and sparkly slime this time around.

IMG 5153Luckily, fun-to-play-with slime is a cinch to make and requires ingredients we always have around the house.  Plus, we’re slime experts after whipping up 50+ slime treats this past Halloween.  

IMG 5155Detailed instructions can be found here, but basically all you have to do is mix the glue, glitter, food colouring, and some of the water together…

IMG 5157And the other bit of water with the Borax separately.

IMG 5158Then pour the two mixtures together, knead it together a bit…

IMG 5164And watch oozy gooey slime form.  It’s honestly so easy that Miss G can do almost everything (save the measuring) on her own.

IMG 5165For packaging, we like using these 125 ml mason jars because they’re the perfect size and can be reused for something else afterwards (plus they’re pretty cute!)

IMG 5167Filling the jars with was Miss G’s favourite part of the process this time around, especially when she discovered that she could create all kinds of silly noises by forcing the slime down into the jars.

IMG 5169Though she’d asked for red slime with red sparkles, this is what our finished product looks like {even after using a half a bottle of liquid food colouring}.  Luckily the pink and red combo is perfect for the occasion and Miss G was pleased with how it turned out. 

IMG 5324For the tops, we created simple paper circle inserts that include a little ‘Valen-slime’ saying and a sparkly red heart.  Here are a few close ups…

IMG 5318‘Be mine, Valen-slime.’

IMG 5316‘Be my Valen-slime.’

IMG 5315‘Will you be my Valen-slime?’

Surely we’re the first ever people to give out slime on a holiday centred around love and friendship, but who wants to be run of the mill anyways?  

Sparkly Slime

(This is essentially the exact same recipe we used last time, but in a bigger batch.  This recipe yields 24 – 26 mason jars of slime – perfect for a class of kids – or in our case, 12 mason jars and a big batch to use for sensory play.)

  • 3 cups of white glue (approximately 6 regular sized bottles)
  • 2 1/4 cups of hot water
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon of fine glitter
  • food colouring (as much as desired)
  • 1 1/2 cups of hot water
  • 3 1/2 teaspoons of Borax
Combine the first set of ingredients until the mixture is smooth and free of glue globs.
In a separate measuring cup or bowl, combine the second set of ingredients until the Borax is dissolved into the water.
Slowly pour the Borax mixture into the glue mixture, stirring as you pour.  When the slime comes together in a large mass, knead it for a minutes until if is soft and stretchy.
Package in pretty little mason jars and gift to friends.
*While clear glue with work just fine for this recipe, environmentally-friendly versions will not.  Trust me.  We’ve tried it.  TWICE.*
*If your finished slime seems too ‘thick’ and not soft/stretchy/runny enough, simply add some really hot water to it, knead it in vigarously, and let it sit a few minutes.  The texture will improve greatly.*
 *Borax is a laundry booster and can be found near the bleach/stain remover/oxy clean in most big stores.*
*If you wonder about the safety of using Borax with children (as I did) this post is extremely helpful.*


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Slime Sensory Station

After making each of her little dance class friends a mini mason jar filled with pink sparkly slime, plus giving out another 40 slime packets at Strong Start this morning, Gracen was excited to get her hands on a batch or two of her own. So today, between the Halloween festivities, we carved out some time in the afternoon to set up a very simple little slime station.  

Slime Sensory Station

Here’s how we set up the station… Slime in three colours, a handful of small containers, a strainer spoon, a sand sifting shovel, plastic cutlery, some bowls all on a plastic tray.

Gracen quickly settled on the blanket next to her tray and began exploring.  She wasn’t so sure about really diving in at first, but before too long she was picking up full batches of slime at a time and watching them slip and stretch out of her hands.

IMG 1287IMG 1294IMG 1297IMG 1301IMG 1306IMG 1296IMG 1321IMG 1324IMG 1327IMG 1339IMG 1344What I like so much about this sort of slime (besides how cool it is to play with), is that despite the fact that it looks like it can get pretty messy, it’s very easy to tidy.  Because it acts more like a solid when removed from little people, dishes, and blankets, it just kind of clumps up and comes away clean.  Plus, it doesn’t stain skin and it washes off of clothes and blankets without any effort.  Messy play being easy to tidy? A definite win in my books.

IMG 1355

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Pink Sparkly Slime Halloween Treats

Slime Halloween TreatsBright and early this morning {while still in pajamas}, Gracen and I put together some little Halloween treats for her “yittle dance class fends”.  While a little non-traditional, I wanted to make something Gracen-friendly (she hasn’t had refined sugar / junk yet) and call me a downer, but between sweets from family members, school, and trick-or-treating, I think most kids get more than enough junk on Halloween as it is.  Our alternative?  Mini mason jars filled with sparkly slime. ☺

IMG 1165First off, Miss G helped me collect a few ingredients from around the house… Warm water, Borax, food colouring, glitter, and white glue.

IMG 1166To get us started, she emptied a generous amount of white glue into a large mixing bowl…

IMG 1169Then added some warm water…

IMG 1171A single drop of gel food colouring (she chose pink which isn’t particularly Halloween-ish, but I figure it’s perfect for a group of teeny tiny ballerinas)…

IMG 1175And a liberal amount of glitter.

IMG 1176Then we stirred everything up really well until the mixture was smooth and all of the glue globs had disappeared.

IMG 1178After setting our glue / water mixture aside, we added some Borax to the remaining warm water…

IMG 1180And stirred it well.

IMG 1182Then it was time for the magic!  While Gracen gently stirred the glue / water mixture, I slowly began pouring the water / Borax mixture in.

IMG 1187In just seconds, we could see the liquid starting to thicken up and come together in a large mass.

IMG 1188Once everything had been well mixed, I poured out what little excess water was left and Grae began kneading the slime.  Before long, the slime was firmer, less sticky, and ready to be packaged.

IMG 1189But not before sneaking in a little play time first though. ☺

IMG 1193Afterwards, we separated our pink sparkly concoction into 12 mini mason jars, which we already had on hand from the individual mason jar cheesecakes we had at  Gracen’s recent 2nd birthday party.

IMG 1202With our slime divided into containers, it was off to the computer next.  Gracen chose some fluorescent pink paper and the pumpkin clipart, I chose the fonts, and together we came up with these super simple labels.

IMG 1203A little orange marker and a dash of sparkle, and here’s the finished product.


Sparkly Slime (adapted from this recipe)

  • 2 cups of white glue
  • 1 1/2 cups of hot water
  • 1 drop of gel food colouring
  • 1 teaspoon of fine glitter
  • 1 cup of hot water
  • 2 1/2 teaspoons of Borax 

Combine the first set of ingredients until the mixture is smooth and free of glue blobs.  

In a separate measuring cup / bowl, combine the second set of ingredients until the Borax is dissolved into the water.

Slowly pour the Borax mixture into the glue mixture, stirring as you pour. When the slime comes together in a large mass, pour off the excess water and kneed the slime for a few minutes.

Package in pretty little mason jars and gift to your friends on Halloween.

* One thing to keep in mind is that while clear Elmer’s glue will work just fine for this recipe, the ‘environmentally friendly’ version will not.  Trust me. We tried it. TWICE. *

* Also, if you’re wondering about the safety of Borax, this post is extremely helpful. *

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