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Book Lover

Gracen adores books.  In fact, although I’m sure they’re out there, in all the years I’ve spent with little ones, I don’t think I’ve ever met another one year old who genuinely loves books and reading as much as she does. We start our days reading, end our days reading, and sprinkle stories throughout our mornings and afternoons. It’s not something we only do together either… When the house grows a little too quiet, 9 times out of 10, she can be found in a quiet corner snuggled up with a book.  And if I’m being completely truthful, I’d mention the fact that we have a basket specifically for itty bitty ‘bedtime books’ that Gracen very seriously sorts through each night before picking one to sleep with (I know, I know… Not a good comfort object, but you’d totally let go of all judgement if you heard her little voice reading to her bear each night before drifting off to sleep… It melts my mama heart into a pile of mush.)  Here are a few little moments from our bookworm’s day…  If there’s anything she likes more than actually reading books, it’s being asked questions about what she sees in books.

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