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Strangley Delicious: {Vanilla Maple} Snow Ice Cream

Vanilla Maple Snow Ice CreamI’ve seen snow ice cream floating around the web a lot lately (like here, here, and here)…  Some recipes use eggnog, some use sweetened condensed milk, some use vanilla pudding powder, and others use raw eggs.  The trouble is that I wouldn’t feel good about giving any of those things to my little lady.  So today we set off to create a healthier version.  (It would have been a shame not to with all of this snow we’ve been getting in the Okanagan!)  

I’m happy to report that the end result turned out wonderfully!  It was sweet, creamy, and delicious – a perfect afternoon treat.

IMG 4279Here’s our line up of ingredients…  Cream, vanilla almond milk, pure maple syrup, pure vanilla, and some really good cinnamon. 

IMG 4261Oh, and a bunch of this – light and fluffy freshly-fallen snow.

IMG 4249To get us started, Gracen poured both the cream and vanilla almond milk into a large mixing bowl.

IMG 4251Then she added some pure maple syrup…

IMG 4254Some pure vanilla…

IMG 4257And a few pinches of cinnamon.

IMG 4259Then she stirred everything up.

IMG 4262The next step involved adding the snow.

IMG 4263The monkey requested a mitten in order to get the job done.

IMG 4265With all of the ingredients added, it was time to mix, mix, mix.

IMG 4266We found that alternating mixing with a sort of mashing motion worked really well and broke up the clumps at the same time.  Here’s what our batch looked like once it was ready.

IMG 4267To serve it, I added a little sprinkle of cinnamon (Miss G loves it and it has great health benefits, so we add it to a lot of things) and topped it with a pecan.

IMG 4270Not only was it delish, but it was a really fun snowy day activity.


Vanilla Maple Snow Ice Cream
  • 3/4 cup of vanilla almond milk
  • 1/4 cup of cream
  • 1/4 cup of pure maple syrup
  • 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla
  • a couple of pinches of cinnamon
  • 6 cups of freshly fallen snow
Add the milk, cream, maple syrup, vanilla, and cinnamon to a large mixing bowl and stir well.  Add the freshly fallen snow and mix until all ingredients are evenly distributed and clumps are broken up.
A couple of quick tips based on our experience…  
  • You do have to work a little bit quickly in order to prevent the snow from melting and turning your ice cream into soup.  If needed, you might be able to buy yourself a few minutes of extra time by placing your large mixing bowl into an even larger bowl lined with ice.  
  • This ice cream is best made and served fresh.  After a few hours in the freezer, ours pretty much turned into an ice block.
  • If you don’t have snow where you are, processing ice cubes in a blender or food processor until fine is a fairly effective way of making your own snow.


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Stair Sledding

IMG 4189IMG 4192Most people walk their tushies to an actual hill.  We, on the other hand, pile heaps of snow onto the deck stairs, send Brad down a few times to pack it in, and tell Grae that she now has her very own sledding hill.  

Ingenious, or just plain ol’ hick? I have a feeling we’ve been in Lumby for too long… ☺


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Snow Spray Painting

Snow Spray PaintingThough it feels like we’ve had a good, long winter vacation already (because we have), we’re lucky enough to have one more week to spend in the Okanagan before Bradley’s return to work.  And while we’ve been doing more than our fair share of relaxing (and indulging – oy!), we’ve also been trying to make the most of our time with the snow, because before you know it, we’ll be back to our city of rain, rain, rain.  

IMG 4123Today we tried something new – snow spray painting!

IMG 4120In order to make the paint, all I did was pick up a couple of cheap spray bottles (I made sure to give the triggers a little squeeze in store first – some are little hand-friendly, and others are not) and filled them with some cold water and food colouring.

IMG 4125Then we headed outside {in pajamas} to decorate the freshly fallen snow.

IMG 4125We played with the nozzle on our spray bottles to get the flow  just how Miss G liked it – in a steady stream in order to achieve maximum distance. ☺

IMG 4127Her goal?  Covering as much of the snow in snow spray paint as possible.

IMG 4140“A new spot now!”

IMG 4138IMG 4144Though using a fine mist is a little trickier (because you need to be quite close to the snow for it to show up well), it makes pretty cool results…. Pink snow anyone?

IMG 4138Of course when you’ve painted your little heart out and you’re ready for a break, you can always topple over in a snowbank and have a rest. ☺


Snow Spray Paint

  • 3/4 cup of cool water
  • 10 drops of food colouring

Pour the water into a small spray bottle and add the food colouring.  Repeat for multiple colours/bottles.  Spray the snow.  Have fun!


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The First Snow {2012]

Though not a lot, Miss G has definitely seen snow before.  But today, when she woke up and I whisked her off to the window to show her the surprise that had arrived overnight, she said to me, “Mama?  What’s dat white stuff?”

With that, we promptly layered on some winter gear on top of our pajamas and headed outside to play in the {barely there} first snow of the year.

IMG 3676“Dis is snow?  Santa likes snow.”

IMG 3677Perfect snowball making snow.

IMG 3687“Yook, Mama!  Yook what Grae Grae has.”

IMG 3679Snowballs.

IMG 3682A collection.

IMG 3684Attempted snow angel.

IMG 3690For the freezer.

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Let it Snow

IMG 6545This afternoon, for a brief time, little dancing snowflakes filled the sky.  Gracen sat on a cushion in front of the window, sipped her milk, and took it all in.  ♥


Snow Fun at Queen Elizabeth Park

With Bradley not working until later in the day today, we knew we had better get outside to enjoy the snow while we could.  We packed up the little one, some steamed milk, and her sled and headed to Queen Elizabeth park, just up the road from our house.  We walked around the park a little bit, did some sledding, and  showed Grae how to make snowballs.  Her favourite part?  Eating the snow.  Here are some shots of our outing…

IMG 4393IMG 4399IMG 4413IMG 4422IMG 4427IMG 4432IMG 4446IMG 4450IMG 4457IMG 4466IMG 4472Such a fun way to start the day.  I wish it would stick around, but I have a sneaking suspicion that all of this snow won’t last much longer…


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IMG 4354This morning we woke up a wonderful surprise – SNOW!  Not the wet, messy snow that turns to puddles within the hour, but real, light, fluffy snow!

IMG 4359Naturally, Grae and I quickly got dressed and headed out to scour the stores for a little sled.  It took a couple of stops, but we found one!  We got dressed, got Grae strapped in, and toured in the neighbourhood  for most of the morning.

IMG 4363Grae waved to other walkers from her sled, and if we so much as paused at an intersection, she’d immediately start signing, ‘More! More! More!’  Hopefully the snow will stick around for a bit so we can enjoy it for a few more days.


Silver Star

Late last night, the Kossowan crew arrived in town from Cochrane and this afternoon we all met up at Silver Star for some tubing and ice skating.  Here are a few snapshots from the day…

IMG 4132Gracen and Korbin are bundled up and ready to hit the slopes.

IMG 4141Grae and Kinslee in their twin sleds.

IMG 4148The crew.

IMG 4150“Skating” while cozied up in her stroller.

IMG 4162Dinner in the warmth of the cantina.

After thawing and grabbing a snack, we all headed back outside for round 2 of skating.  Gracen loved being pushed around the ice in her chariot and we stretched our time as far as we could before packing up and heading down the hill for bedtime.

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Our Second Snow Adventure

IMG 4078It was a lot cooler today than yesterday, but that didn’t stop us from heading out on our second snow adventure.

IMG 4074We got Grae bundled up and snuggled in her sled…

IMG 4086Then headed down the lane…

IMG 4104And up “the hill”.

IMG 4107We found a nice little path and with Brad at the top and me at the bottom, sent the little lady down the slope.

IMG 4108Apparently we were a little too ambitious with the length of our sled run because poor little G took a tumble about halfway down.  Oopsies!  Parenting fail.  She’s such a little trooper that she just laid there until we came and rescued her.

IMG 4113We did a couple more runs and then headed back down the hill.

IMG 4121By the end of it, we were all chilly and Gracen was unimpressed that she had to wear Mama’s mittens when she didn’t even want to wear her own.  Time to call it a day.

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Loving Lumby

IMG 3962The one thing we really hoped for when preparing for our trip to the Okanagan was snow.  Lucky for us, Lumby has plenty!

IMG 3964After a lazy morning, we layered Gracen up, put her in the sled Grandma Charlotte had borrowed from a friend, and headed out for a walk.

IMG 3968Gracen LOVED being pulled in the sled.  Especially when Papa ran and her little sled zoomed down the icy road.

IMG 3979Although she’s terrified of Bella when she gets too close,  she quite likes when she’s nearby.

IMG 4003When we went to head, Grae frantically started signing “More! More!”

IMG 4019So we found a snowy little slope…

IMG 4027Here she goes!

IMG 4029Wheeeeeeee!

IMG 4030So much fun.

IMG 4044Despite the cold, our little snow bunny enjoyed every minute.  I’m almost certain we’ll be doing the same thing again tomorrow afternoon.  🙂

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