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Coffee Filter Flowers

Coffee Filter Flowers | Mama Papa BubbaGracen and I have been spending a whole lot of time at the beach lately (yay!), but this afternoon, we finally got around to finishing off a fun little project we started days and days ago.

IMG 8942It began like this.  Coffee filters, coloured water, and a plastic dropper out, creative table-style.  Simply left out for her to discover and explore when she felt up to it.

IMG 8944Of course it didn’t take Grae long to find a table full of fun materials to experiment with.  Without hesitation, she began using her dropper to slurp up coloured water and spew it back out on the filters.

IMG 8960She really loved watching how the colours spread and mixed with one another.

IMG 8969So much in fact, that she fully covered upwards of 30 separate filters.  Thank goodness for a big laundry drying rack!  We placed the filters on the rack in our solarium, and they dried in no time.

IMG 9528After tucking them away for several days, we came home from the beach today {some of us still sporting our bathing suits and sandy fingernails} and dug them out for a quick pre-nap project.  We also gathered a pair of scissors, some long green pipe cleaners, and some short colourful pipe cleaners (regular pipe cleaners cut into thirds).

IMG 9530To transform our beautiful watercolour-y filters into flowers, we started by carefully folding them in half three times. 

IMG 9532Then Grae would give me some sort of petal description (‘long and skinny!’, ‘pokey like the rose bush!’, ‘big, big, big, big, BIIIIIIIG!’, and ‘you know…..like….ummmm….like the little circle circle ones?’ were a few) and I’d cut the curved edge to match.  I also snipped the very tip of the point off at this point too.

IMG 9534Then came her very favourite part – carefully unfolding the cut filter to reveal its shape.

IMG 9560IMG 9561Here are a few of the other shapes we came up with together.

IMG 9538Next, Grae would pick a small pipe cleaner, bend over the top so it was no longer pokey, and place the bottom through the tiny hole in the centre of the filter.

IMG 9539Then she’d bring the filter up around the pipe cleaner and pinch it at the base.

IMG 9567While she held it tightly, I’d wrap a long green pipe cleaner around the filter and short pipe cleaner to form the stem.

IMG 9568Fun, right?

IMG 9546Every flower turned out completely different from the last…

IMG 9571And by the end we had a beautiful bouquet of colourful flowers perfect for the mantle, a table centrepiece, or a Mother’s Day gift. 


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Radish Top Egg Heads

Radish Top Egg Heads | Mama Papa BubbaWhile we made grassheads using my tried and true nylon method last year, this time around we decided to switch things up a little with an egg shell version.  Not only is this method very simple {and therefore more toddler friendly}, but afterwards you can remove the googly eyes, give the shell a good crunch, and plant them directly into your garden!

IMG 8146Here’s what we used for the project…  Eggshells (washed well), craft glue, googly eyes, quick sprouting seeds of some sort (we went with radishes), a couple of Sharpies, and some soil.

IMG 8152Gracen started off by gluing a pair of googly eyes to each eggshell using craft glue and a Q-tip.

IMG 8158After letting the eyes dry a little bit, she used Sharpies to add on little button noses and pink smiles.

IMG 8161Then we carefully set all of the little egg heads into an empty carton, making sure to be mindful of the still slightly wet eyes.

IMG 8166Using a small spoon, Miss G then filled each of the egg heads with potting soil.

SeedsNext up was the addition of seeds.  While you should probably only plant a couple of seeds in the space an eggshell provides, one or two sprouts wouldn’t make for a very good head of hair.  With that in mind, Gracen sprinkled them generously. 

IMG 8175Then she covered them with another sprinkling of soil and patted the surfaces down with her finger tips.

IMG 8184One of our last steps was finding them a good, safe spot with lots of sunlight, so on a crate in front of our living room window it was.  Grae gave them a good misting, and we hoped for the best. (When having kids water seeds, I always opt for using a spray bottle.  It’s fun, it’s great for motor skill development, and it’s nearly impossible to overwater.)

Day 3  4Counting the afternoon we planted as day one, here’s what we had on days 3 and 4.  Not bad, right?

Day 6And here’s after a couple more days…

IMG 8596By day 7 (today), here’s what we have.  Little egg heads with wild green hair.  Before long, it’ll be time for a hair cutting session (which is half the fun), and the best part is we’ll have some delicious radish greens to add to a salad or smoothie. ☺


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{Muffin Tin} Spring Nature Hunt

Spring Nature Hunt Using a Muffin Tin | Mama Papa BubbaIn honour of Earth Day, Miss G and I took to the streets of our neighbourhood for a little spring-themed natured hunt today.  It was the perfect way to spend our afternoon…soaking in some sunshine, taking in the fresh air, and observing the nature around us a little more closely than we usually do.  

IMG 8423Beforehand, while Grae was napping, I gathered up a few things…  A muffin tin to serve as a collection receptacle, a print out of nature item tags sized to fit in the bottoms of muffin cups, some scissors, and some tape.

Screen Shot 2013 04 20 at 8 53 38 PMIn order to create my tags (which were printed on paper from our recycling bin…hence the holes), I simply created 12 circles sized to fit in our muffin tin (4.5 centimetres in diameter for ours), found some clipart via Google Images, and added some text.  

Muffin Tin Nature Hunt | Mama Papa BubbaThen I printed them off, cut them out, and stuck them into the bottoms of the muffin tin cups with small pieces of rolled tape.

Seed SearchingWhen Gracen woke up, she was eager to get outside and get searching.  We quickly went over the items we’d be on the lookout for and headed out.  First stop? The backyard to see if there were seeds underneath our plum tree.  Sure enough, there were!

IMG 8445Dandelions and grass were easily collected in our yard, and then it was off down the street to one of the few trees that still has blossoms on it.

IMG 8447After each new find, Grae would take inventory, decide on a couple of new things to focus on, and head in a particular direction.

IMG 8455This time she decided we’d better head back to the backyard to collect some flower buds, moss, and soil from the garden – success!

IMG 8464One of our last stops was to collect a few clovers from a little patch growing through some brickwork in the front of the house.

IMG 8466At this point, we had done pretty well, but as hard as we’d looked, we hadn’t yet found a mushroom or a feather.

IMG 8482We decided we’d take a little break in order to some sidewalk chalk art, and Gracen would ask Papa to take her out again once he returned from work for the evening.  Low and behold, they returned with the entire tray full!

IMG 8486Gracen really enjoyed this activity and we’ll definitely be using the muffin tin method in games and hunts in the future.  It gave a clear visual of what was needed and what had been found, our items stayed in place and were organized, and Grae really liked everything having its own spot and filling up the entire tray. 


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Spring Flowers Felt Board Set

Spring Flowers Felt Board SetToday after her nap, Miss G and I enjoyed a little crafternoon.  We set up shop in the warm sunshine pouring through our front window and she worked on decorating felt eggs while I worked creating this new spring felt board set.

IMG 6711This time around, I created paper patterns by drawing very simple flower shapes onto scrap paper.  The ‘line drawing’ section of Google images is great if you’re in need of some inspiration, or if you simply want to print off some templates and skip the drawing part all together.

IMG 6712Next, I cut around my flower shapes and pinned them onto bright, colourful sheets of felt (I use the inexpensive stuff made of recycled plastic bottles for felt board sets and save the more costly wool stuff for my Littlest Lulu projects, but both work great).

IMG 6713Then I carefully cut out both my paper patterns and the felt flower pieces all at once.  I used the same method to create several differently shaped leaves too.

IMG 6710Afterwards, I cut out several long, thin pieces of green felt to act as stems.

IMG 6714As well as several centres that can be mixed and matched on the flowers.

IMG 6717Here’s the end result…  Flowers that can mixed, matched, and combined into tons of different possibilities. Just for fun, I may add grass strips, soil clumps, terra cotta pots to the set later on.  And clouds, sunshine, and raindrops would be fun additions too!

IMG 6728Here’s my little love’s finished project.  A beautiful colourful felt egg to display in time for Easter. 

To learn how to make your own easy felt board and to see our other felt board games, click here.


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