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Snipets of St. Paddy’s

First off, did you know that it’s actually St. Paddy’s and not St. Patty’s?!  I usually pride myself on using fairly decent spelling and grammar, but I’ll be the first to admit that I had no idea.  In fact, I used St. Patty’s this morning… Gah.  It wasn’t until I read this shared by the lovely Erin at Large that I found out the truth. Oops.

Anyways, enough with that.  Here’s a little peek at our Sunday/St. Patricks Day…

IMG 6735A green breakfast {a lime refresher smoothie, veggie pancakes, kiwi slices, and avocado chunks}.

IMG 6735Girl in green.

IMG 6741A frozen treat.

IMG 6738Post-nap shamrock stamping.

IMG 6743Green pasta and cheese.


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A Rainbow Snack

Healthy Rainbow SnackEver since our recent Shopping Sense tour, Gracen’s been talking about “eating a rainbow”.  I really had no idea she was even paying attention to the registered dietician during the event, but since she’d never mentioned eating a rainbow until dinnertime after the tour, I’m guessing she was.  It’s amazing to see what little sponges they are, isn’t it?  Now she says things like, “Look, Papa… There’s orangey, purple, and green!  Grae Grae’s eating a rainbow for dinner!”

This afternoon when she requested a snack “including all the colours of the rainbow”, I decided to do something fun.

IMG 6672Fruit lends itself to creating a rainbow so well that I could have easily made the entire thing just from one food group, but I decided to try and include at least a little bit of protein, dairy, and veg too.  I ended up with strawberry chunks, all-natural sharp cheddar cubes, low-sodium chickpeas, edamame beans, fresh blueberries, and banana coins for the clouds (sorry indigo and violet – skipped you this time!)

IMG 6677The chickpeas were scooped up by my hungry little monkey before I had a chance to assemble the rainbow, so they were replaced with chunks of yellow pepper (just as well – she loves those too).  Using a small plate and following its arc made shaping the rainbow really easy.

IMG 6679And you should have seen the eyes on my little rainbow loving girl when I set the plate down in front of her…  She loved it so much that we had a great brainstorming session about all of the foods that could  be used to create a rainbow snack (and she of course had way more ideas than I did).  

Here are some of the options we came up with…

Red:  strawberries . raspberries . red peppers . grape tomatoes . cherries . kidney beans .

Orange: cheddar . oranges . carrots . orange peppers . homemade cheese crackers . cantaloupe . apricots . 

Yellow: yellow peppers . chickpeas . pineapple . mango . swiss cheese . yellow tomatoes . 

Green: edamame beans . green peppers . cucumbers . pickles . broccoli . snap peas . avocado . kiwi . green grapes . 

Blue / Purple: blueberries . blackberries . beets . red grapes . purple peppers . plums . 

White: bananas . mozzarella cheese . tofu cubes . cottage cheese . plain yogurt . white kidney beans . hardboiled eggs


You never know… We just may have to repeat this idea on St. Patrick’s Day (or use it for a rainbow party one day!)


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Sticky Wall Rainbow

Sticky Wall RainbowGracen just recently started talking about rainbows a lot, which couldn’t have come at a better time with St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner.  Since her Valentine’s colouring matching sticky wall activity was such a hit, I decided we’d do a variation of it for the week leading up to St. Patrick’s Day.

IMG 6561This time, using the same method as I did last time, I drew a quick rainbow with clouds on the contact paper. 

IMG 6560And instead of construction paper cut-outs, this time I included tissue paper pieces (in coordinating rainbow colours) and cotton balls for the clouds.

IMG 6567I thought Gracen might ask what the cotton balls were for, given that the rainbow drawing really didn’t include any white, but not the case.  She immediately dove into the bowl and started filling up the clouds.

IMG 6574Clearly, the cotton balls were the favourite of this activity.  If I would have known, I would have attempted to dye cotton balls in all of the rainbow colours and skipped the tissue paper all together, but maybe we can try that another time.  

Once all of the cotton balls had been used in one way or another, she began sticking the red tissue paper pieces on, lining them up just so.  After a few, she looked at them sideways, then looked at me and  exclaimed, “A row, Mum!  Just like a real rainbow.”  For the next week or so, I can almost guarantee that Miss G will be working on her rainbow rows.


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Toddler Food: What Miss G Eats {2: St. Paddy’s Edition}

I can’t tell you how happy I am that Gracen is a good eater.  As a mama, providing her with proper nutrition is at the tippy top of my list of goals, right next to making sure she gets proper sleep.  Of course I’d like to attribute her good eating habits to the way we introduced her to food initially (and the way we continue to deal with her eating in general), but it could very well just be that we are lucky.  Or perhaps it’s a little bit of both.  Either way, if she was a picky little thing, as many munchkins are, you’d better bet I’d use St. Patrick’s Day to trick her into eating as many green things as possible in one single day of the year.  It would most likely involve some crazy story involving pesky leprechauns and lucky green super foods, but for now, let’s just be thankful I don’t have to go there. Today Gracen and I ate green foods at each meal, and she was more than happy to do so!

Toddler Food

IMG 7836Breakfast // Green pepper enclosed organic egg.  Green fruit salad.  Toasted multigrain farmer’s bread drizzled with olive oil.

IMG 7923Lunch // Veggie and black bean quesadillas (low-sodium spinach tortilla, roasted zucchini, avocado, green onion, no salt added black beans, and jalapeño havarti).  Avocado sour cream for dipping.

IMG 8003Snack // Spinach and green fruit smoothie.

IMG 8011Dinner // Pesto chicken breast.  Spinach linguine with avocado, fresh spinach, and toasted pine nuts.  Roasted spicy green beans.

IMG 8028Dessert // Grape skewers.

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St. Paddy’s Day

Today Grae and I had a busy day filled with all things green.  It started out with a happy little munchkin waking up extra early and extra hungry, so we got to it and prepared a green breakfast.IMG 7844

Finding something green to wear was a bit of a challenge as this little lady has very little green in her closet, but it was nothing a ridiculously big green bow couldn’t fix.  It was so adorable in fact, that we ended up having a little impromptu St. Patty’s Day photo shoot.

IMG 7858IMG 7852
IMG 7856

The weather forecast called for a rainy, snowy morning, but by 9:30, neither had made an appearance so we packed up our things and headed down to Granville Island to get some fresh air and do some exploring.  We picked up our usual Granville Island treats (Terra Bread cheese flutes for G and a coffee for Mama) and headed to the playground where Gracen played in sand, slid on repeat, and made some friends.

IMG 7867IMG 7868IMG 7871IMG 7873Afterwards we headed back to the Public Market area and visited the birds, boats, and performers like usual.  IMG 7880IMG 7885IMG 7887IMG 7896Apparently Grae was pooped after a crisp morning outdoors because she was out like a light after just a minute in the car.

IMG 7912

After a great nap, I prepared lunch while Gracen begged for pieces of green onion below me.  I ended up giving her a whole green onion and the little monkey was pleased as punch, headed to the living room with it, and chowed down.  Luckily she saved enough room for our green lunch.IMG 7914IMG 7934
The afternoon turned out to be beautiful too, so we took advantage of it and headed outside to do some art.  Grae was beyond excited to use bingo dabbers (sadly, we didn’t have green, so we ended up with blue and rainbow coloured shamrocks, but oh well…) and dug the sidewalk chalk as usual.

IMG 7947IMG 7949By late afternoon, G had worked up an appetite, so we whipped up a quick green smoothie to hit the  spot.IMG 7997
Shortly after, it was time for our last green meal of the day.  Of course this little monkey carefully picked out and ate each pine nut and avocado chunk before eating anything else.IMG 8020IMG 8024

Gracen’s second St. Patrick’s Day… Whew!  How things have changed in a quick year.  Just take a look at my chubby-cheeked, spiky-haired little munchkin last year.

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