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iPhoneography // Hint Hint

IMG 2895Today Gracen came out of her bedroom with her bathing suit around her neck saying, “Pool! Pool!”  Perhaps she wants to go swimming?

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Grae’s Day

Just a regular day with Miss Grae today…

IMG 6627Early morning antics.

IMG 6630Laundry “helper”.

IMG 6632Little swimmer.

IMG 6635Post-nap routine.  Milk, snack, blanket, and quiet time.

IMG 6714Single pony.

IMG 6703Play dough play.

IMG 6716Before dinner walk.

IMG 6723Crackers and cheese at the park.

IMG 6753Frozen blueberries for dessert.

IMG 6770Emergency sink bath.

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Little Fish

IMG 5317You think this little lady had a good time at the pool this afternoon?!

IMG 5315We swam, splished, and splashed for two full hours before I pretty much had to pull her away from the water.  There’s no doubt she’s a little fish.

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Pool Bound

IMG 3587Is it just me, or is there something so wrong about a baby in a bikini that it is ridiculously cute?  When I saw this little ruffled number on the sale rack at the end of last summer, I just couldn’t help myself.  And when given the choice this afternoon, Miss G picked this from her bathing suit collection…  We’re pool bound!

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