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An Evening at the Park

IMG 0023IMG 0032What summer vacation is all about…


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Gracen & Grandma Sue

IMG 9950Gracenbelle and Grandma Sue… Love these two!


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A Day at Davison’s

Today we spent another lovely day at our Okanagan favourite, Davison Orchards.  If you know me well, you know that my love of Davison’s has been around since I moved to the Okanagan when I was 11 years old.  It was a place I loved visiting as a kid, a place I took the kids I babysat and nannied during high school and university, and it’s now a place I love bringing my own daughter.  Delicious produce, beautiful views, and endless family-fun aside, I love Davison Orchards because it’s constantly growing and improving while staying true to it’s family-run farm roots – not an easy feat.

IMG 9911Grandma Sue and Rorie joined us today and despite our {very} regular visits, we tried two completely new-to-Gracen things this time around. First off, we jumped aboard the hourly tractor train ride and took a tour of the orchard while learning about its history and different fruits and veggies that are grown there.  It’s been a few years since I last took the tour, and I have to say that I love hearing how passionate Grandpa Davison is about his orchard, even after all of these years.  While the sitting quietly during the chatting part wasn’t Grae’s favourite part, she did love the ride and hearing about each of the plants/trees as we passed by.

IMG 9929IMG 9931IMG 9933IMG 9938Afterwards, while playing in the Crazy Cow Kid’s Corral, Gracen got to experience her first ever duck race after Grandma Sue gave her a toonie to buy a little rubber duckie.  She’d plunk him into the tube, start pumping water, and as soon as he started moving, race to the end of the track to retrieve him.  Such fun!

IMG 9919After a good long play, a visit to the animals, and some lunch at Auntie May’s Deep Dish Cafe, we picked up a big jug of Davison’s famous apple juice and headed home with our happy and tired girl.  Another great day at Davison Orchards!


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Farmer’s Market Goodies

IMG 9902IMG 9906A new sparkly new bracelet and a couple bags of organic veggies, and she’s one very happy little lady.


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A Morning Egg Hunt

IMG 7453IMG 7467

This morning we all gathered at Grandma Sue’s house for a big Sunday brunch and a backyard egg hunt with all of the cousins.  

IMG 7455IMG 7470Now before I go on, I must admit I was totally clueless about the fact that the Easter Bunny is the one who hides eggs for kids to find.  Seriously – what?!  I knew he (or she) was in charge of leaving Easter baskets, but i guess I just thought parents hid eggs in the yard for kids… Is that crazy?  Anyways, I’m glad I had this epiphany last night in the company of my brother and sister-in-law, because I totally would have been the terrible Auntie to ruin it all by saying something like, “Okay, guys.  Your daddy and I need a minute to hide all of the eggs” after breakfast this morning.  

IMG 7458IMG 7474Knowing what I now know, we asked all of the kids to go downstairs and play while we tidied up the breakfast dishes, and Gary and I snuck out to quickly stash the eggs around the yard.  That Easter Bunny sure is a smart rabbit…  He (or she) left a baker’s dozen of one colour of eggs for each child, thus allowing the slower ones enough time to uncover their treasures (and us to make sure Miss G got all of the eggs filled with Gracen-style treats).  

IMG 7450IMG 7480The hunt went really well.  The boys’  eggs were hidden well enough to keep them busy for almost the whole time, the kids were great about only collecting their colour of eggs, and everyone was excited about their goodies.

IMG 7484IMG 7499Grae’s eggs were filled some of her favourite snacks (trail mix, sunflower seeds, healthy banana chips, cashews, dried pineapple, and seedy crackers), my homemade healthy crispy rice treats formed into egg shapes, some fun glitter glue, stickers, and mystery capsules.  She was pretty excited to say the least.

IMG 7492IMG 7500I know that there are a million perks to going and that we’ll be home for 3 months of summer each year, but mornings like this make me a little bit sad that we’ll be taking Gracen away from her cousins and grandparents come August…


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A Morning at the Park

IMG 7308IMG 7309IMG 7343IMG 7347IMG 7320IMG 7358Okanagan sunshine, my girl, my ma, my adorable niece, and my two sweet nephews… It all makes for a pretty great morning.   

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Let’s Get the Party Started

As of 3 o’clock on Wednesday afternoon, my brother had officially told my mom that he and his clan would not be making it to the Okanagan this weekend.  I had no idea, and when I spoke to him later that night I talked about a big Easter dinner with the whole crew, a big backyard egg hunt for the littles, and the amazing weather that was supposed to be in store for all of those in the Okanagan.  The conversation started at 8:07 p.m. and by 8:15, he’d committed to packing up the entire crew and hitting the road by 10 a.m. on Friday.  Now that’s the persuasion of a big sister.  ☺

We all gathered at my mom’s place tonight and celebrated with a big dinner, the kids running around the backyard barefoot, and Gracen staying up way past her {usually very early} bedtime.

IMG 7259IMG 7265IMG 7280IMG 7282IMG 7277IMG 7270


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iPhoneography // Thanksgiving Saturday at Davison Orchards

Thanksgiving SaturdayWhen I told Gracen that we would be headed to the Okanagan for the weekend, she immediately exclaimed that she was excited and started listing off all of the things she wanted to do while there, one of which was “Old MacDonald’s Farm”.  Confused, I asked her what she meant.  Her response? “Old MacDonald’s Farm – apple treat drink!”  Such a funny little thing.  With that, I knew she actually meant Davison Orchards, home of the appleanche (a pure apple slushy drink we let her try this summer).  

So this morning, after a little sleep in for Brad and I and a  little play for Grae, Manmaw, and Poppop, my girl and I headed into Vernon for a Davison visit. The orchard was extra beautiful today… sunshiny, packed with pumpkins, and sprinkled with autumn displays. Gracen loved every minute as always, and thought the pumpkin people were especially funny.

“thankful” // first stop: animals

goat feeding

donkey love

greedy sheep // corn barn

farmer grae // climb

corn maze // pumpkin family

sunshine // hoedown

Photos edited with Instagram. Find me under jkossowan.

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Great Grandpa Leo

IMG 7366A photo I found on my camera after Gracen, Grandma Charlotte, and Bradley visited Grae’s Great Grandpa Leo while I ran errands this morning…

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Goats & Grandma

This afternoon we headed into town to visit with Manmaw Sue {and Rorie and my Aunt and Uncle}. We met at  our favourite spot – Davison Orchards and Grae didn’t waste any time letting everyone know just what she wanted to do – feed the animals.  Luckily, Grandma Sue and Rorie came armed with a pocket full of quarters because I think we fed every single animal on the farm. Twice. Grae was even brave enough to feed a few of the animals on her own. 

IMG 7243

Putting those quarters to use!

IMG 7244Lulu and Manmaw.

IMG 7247Hungry goat.

IMG 7249Brave girl!

IMG 7250Feeding the sheep.

IMG 7251Sending a cup full of treats up to the top.

IMG 7254Spreading the love to Salsa, the 26 year old donkey.

IMG 7257Snacks and stickers.

The afternoon ended with a sudden thunder storm so violent that it caused Grae to break into tears, which in turn led our very sweet cashier to retrieve a big white chocolate chunk cookie for her, which in turn led me to have to {very awkwardly} explain our choice to not feed Gracen refined sugar or junk food… But that’s another story…

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