Monthly Archives: August 2010

Grae & Sloan ~8 days old

A visit with her ‘big girl friend’, Sloanie Bologna!

1 Week Old… Party Time! ~7 days old

A celebration to welcome Baby Grae into the Ogasawara family!

Awake & Alert ~6 days old

Look at those pretty eyes. 🙂

Four Generations… ~6 days old

A visit to Carrington to meet Great Grandpa Leo on his 92nd birthday.

Corner Park ~6 days old

Cozy in the Ergo Baby. 🙂

A Visit from Auntie Steph ~5 days old

Snug as a bug and cuddling with Auntie Steph.

Chicken Legs ~4 days old

Look at those skinny little legs! We’ve got to fatten this little lady up. 🙂

Discharge Day ~1 day old

Gracen and her very happy Daddy.