Monthly Archives: October 2010

First Halloween ~68 days old

Our pretty little pumpkin.

Pretty Girl ~68 days old

Pretty girl pose.

First Tooth Bud? ~67 days old

Baby G is a pretty happy little girl, however that’s not so much the case here… She was awoken early from her nap and was down right upset about it! Although she’s still pretty cute while crying, that’s not why these photos were posted…

A Lazy Saturday… ~67 days old

Reading morning stories with Mama.

Gremlin Girl ~66 days old

Look at that little gremlin expression.

Funny Face Grace ~65 days old

Miss Grae has really begun to show her little personality…

Daddy’s Princess ~64 days old

Daddy’s little princess.

9 Weeks Old Today ~63 days old

Today Mommy took over 80 photos of this little jailbird… And we didn’t even leave the house! For some reason, this one jumped out. Just look at that little expression! She looks like she must be amidst a really good story. 🙂

Baby Blue ~62 days old

A beauty in blue. 🙂