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IMG 6002IMG 6004Two firsts occurred while visiting Gido up at Davison Orchards today – Gracen tried her first ever Appleanche (a delicious slushy drink made of Davison’s own fresh-pressed pure apple juice) and she sat on her first ever motorcycle (Gido’s). So much fun.

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A Painting Project

The other day, while shopping for craft supplies, Miss G spotted a shelf of mini wooden bird houses and immediately got excited.  Having painted her own bird house before, she knew exactly what these unfinished little bird homes meant – getting messy and having fun, painting-style.  Knowing that her cousins would be arriving in a few days, we decided to pick up four.  Gracen was very serious about selecting four different houses and was just as excited to choose paintbrushes, paint, and bird seed.  Upon returning home {to Grandma’s house}, I quietly tucked the bag of goodies away until the cousins arrived and we were in need of an activity.

IMG 5975With an hour or so to spare this morning and a little drizzle falling from the sky, we decided it was a good time to bring out the supplies.  We set up shop out on Grandma Sue’s patio and let the kiddos dive in.

IMG 5974

IMG 5990Grae was an old pro.  She very seriously collected paint on her brush and stroked it onto her house, trying to fill in all of the spaces.

IMG 5980IMG 5993Korbin had a plan. Each side would be a separate colour. And when he had finished that task, he brushed some white over top to “make it look cooler”.

IMG 5972IMG 5986Miss Kins had never painted before, and although she dived in eagerly, she wasn’t thrilled about getting paint on herself.  She painted a little bit of the roof, and then called it quits.

IMG 5991IMG 5995Chay didn’t join us immediately, but once he saw what was going on, he was up at the table in no time and was all about painting the inside of his house.

IMG 5985

IMG 5996

 Taa-daaa!  The finished products.  I’d say the birds will be flocking to these little masterpieces, wouldn’t you?
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Tonight, as we’re chatting while getting her ready for bed…

 Mama: Grae, are you a big girl or a little girl?

Gracen: Grae Grae HAPPY girl!

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Photos by Auntie Roz

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it or not, but my sister-in-law, Roz, is an amazingly talented photographer who has worked very hard throughout the last year to build her business (Roz Edge Photography) and personal photography style.  Lucky for us, she snapped a few photos of Gracen over the weekend and was kind enough to send them our way.  Grae2Grae

 Aren’t these beautiful? I absolutely adore the soft, whimsical, almost dreamy feel of her photos. 

She’s based out of the Calgary area and does it all – weddings, engagements, maternity, families, kids, newborns, and even boudoir. I highly recommend booking a session with her if you’re nearby. Her prices are ridiculously reasonable, and based on the demand she’s had this year alone, I doubt they’ll stay that way for much longer, so don’t wait.

You can check out her website here and her Facebook page here.

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Off to the Beach

After naps for the girls and some down time for the boys, we decided to pack up the kiddos and head to a beach / park this afternoon.  We packed bathing suits just in case, but given the fact that the weather hasn’t been that warm, I figured that the water would be freezing and the kids wouldn’t want to go in.  I was wrong. While the girls stayed on the safe side and stayed pretty dry, the boys went full on swimming. Brrrr!  IMG 5916

Our crew. Minus the mommies of course. Typical situation – mamas behind the cameras.

IMG 5918Splish splash!

IMG 5922Gracen “offering” almonds to Kinslee by shoving them in her mouth.

IMG 5925Papa and his little lady.

IMG 5934Missing feet {and hands}.

IMG 5941Castle building {and crushing}.

IMG 5942Teamwork.

IMG 5952A “Papa push”, as Miss G calls it.

IMG 5959Dry and ready for some playground time.

IMG 5963Strong girl!

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Cousinly Love

IMG 5909IMG 5906IMG 5911Okay, so when I mentioned that Gracen LOVES her cousins, I wasn’t exaggerating. Poor Kinslee has spent her morning receiving Grae’s endless hugs and kisses regardless of whether or not she wants them.  She’s been exceptionally accepting so far, but I can’t see it lasting the whole weekend…

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Yay for Cousins!

This morning the 3 of us packed up our things and headed into Vernon to Grandma Sue’s house for the long weekend.  My brother, sister-in-law, and their 3 munchkins arrived late last night from Alberta, so we’ve got the whole crew here (not to mention that my dad arrives from Alberta tomorrow too!) Gracen was so excited to see her cousins this morning that she went around handing out hugs and kisses to each one of them on repeat. After hanging out at the house for a little bit, Uncle Gary headed out dirt biking, and the rest of us decided to walk down to a nearby park for some outdoor fun. The kids pulled each other in the wagon, played on the playground, met new friends, and stared longingly at the {closed} peanut pool before it was time to head back for lunch and naps.  Here’s our morning in photos…IMG 5869

Gracen and her cousin, Kinslee, just hanging out in the wagon together.

IMG 5870So happy to be hanging out with her cousins!

IMG 5876Chayton taking the little girls for a spin.

IMG 5879Korbin swinging with his new friends.

IMG 5883Loving the ring toss game Auntie Roz brought along.

IMG 5886A ride courtesy of her {6 weeks} younger cousin.

IMG 5890‘Oh, peanut pool, why aren’t you open?’

IMG 5894A heavy load for KJ.

IMG 5900Perhaps Korbin can sneak us in?

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A Recent Gracenism.

At random times throughout the day (with a little punch of enthusiasm in her voice and the tiniest of smirks upon her face):

“Booyah, Papa!”

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Best Bath Toys Ever

IMG 5855IMG 5861These foam face shapes are meant to go on the bath tub walls, but Gracen thinks putting them on her face and having me take photos for her to look at is just as hilarious.  I must say, I agree.

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Say Cheese!

IMG 5849I don’t know whether I’ve mentioned the awesome collection of old school toys Grae’s Grandma Charlotte has, but it’s pretty amazing.  From Little People to Potato Heads to Nerfuls to Duplo, she’s saved it all since Miss G’s Papa and Uncle Brett were wee ones.  In the last few days, Gracen has really gotten into Duplo. She and her Papa have sat in the living room building towers and pyramids one after the next.  Today, a new creation came about and when it was done, Grae came to me, proud as a peacock, to show off this… A Duplo camera, complete with a view finder and a little shutter release button. Looks like we’ve got a petite paparazzi on our hands now. 

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